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Technology has made it possible to change anything, including your voice or look. Many free online voice changers have been created so that it is possible to play practical jokes or pranks on others and enjoy the feminine voice. These voice changer websites and apps that modify a person’s speech allow a man to change his voice into a feminine, extraterrestrial, or robot, and vice versa. When the Talking Tom application initially came out, do you remember how well-liked it was? It was undoubtedly entertaining to learn what you’d sound like if you were a cat, even if everyone insisted they just installed it for their children. That represented voice-changing technology at its most fundamental level.

There are many different reasons why people utilize online voice changers for discord. Some people use it for entertainment, such as making jokes online or pulling practical pranks on pals. Others use it to maintain their identity or privacy or to assume a persona in online video games like multiplayer games. So which voice changer websites or apps should you use, regardless of why you wish to change your voice? Therefore, if you’re looking for the best free online voice changers that you can use to convert male voices to female online, this post is ideal for you. Let’s take a look.

Top 6 Best Free Online Voice Changers in 2022

You may convert any voice into another one using one of these user-friendly voice changer websites. You don’t need to register for an account or log in to use the majority of them because they are free. So, use them to amuse yourself, tease someone else, or play practical jokes on your pals. In that case, let’s begin.


Every time when you search for female-to-male voice changers online, comes up first. So it’s at the top of our list as well. Additionally, is free to use and requires no ID to log in, making it considerably simpler to use.


The user interface of is easy to use and attractive. You have two options for recording speech: uploading the recorded voice to the website or allowing your browser to access your microphone. You can use your voice to do multiple things on Just as you can alter the pitch of your voice using the drop-down menu.

Despite being a fantastic online male-to-female voice changer, is simple and straightforward to use. It isn’t easy to alter your voice to appear more feminine, though. You can only change the pitch of your voice on the online voice changer website. The alternative method, which will be difficult, is to create a deep learning model for altering the pitch and amplitude of the voice. So, for the time being, we can manually change the pitch of our voice to sound more feminine or masculine.

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You may convert male voice to female online and vice versa on the free voice changer website Compared to, offers a cleaner UI and focuses purely on voice change effects.

voice changer

As previously indicated, the only thing that can be altered on websites like and is the shift of your pitch by varying the frequency of the voices. As a result, sounds that are higher in frequency or pitch are more similar to female voices than lower frequency or pitch sounds that are closer to male voices. All that needs to be done is switch the female voice’s higher pitch to a male voice’s lower pitch.

You can choose from a variety of speech selections in addition to switching between female and male voices. It includes robots, aliens, and other things. You can also alter your voice to produce a new and desirable voice output. So, let’s take part in the voice-changing game.

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Similar to the previous male-to-female voice changer online, may also be used online. In addition, 12 voice effects are offered on, where we can get free options like Bane’s voice, the cave effect, the child voice, the man voice, the grandfather voice, and more.

voice changer online

You can edit the voice in an audio file that has already been recorded or use the website’s microphone to record directly. Up to 10 GB of memory can be transferred; after that, we can listen to the finished product and save it to our device. This online male-to-female voice changer’s ability to apply voice effects without losing audio quality is one of its most remarkable capabilities. As a result, applying one of the 12 effects on our page will be fun for you. Additionally, there is no need to download a program or create an account because it is completely free.

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Use this free voice changer online to alter the pitch of an audio recording that you have uploaded. In addition, you can select a voice effect from the five on offer in’s totally free online voice changer (Child Voice, Robot Voice, Female Voice, and Male Voice).


This online male-to-female voice changer works with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, ChromeOS, and Linux. So, for no cost, alter your voice online! It is an online voice changer that you can use right away without having to register for an account. It has a good design and is rather intuitive. Only audio files in the MP3 and WAV formats are accepted for upload, and you need to be cautious not to submit files larger than the upload restriction of 10 MB. This voice changer website’s creators advise compressing the audio file before posting it.

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5. Voice Spice Recorder 

A free online voice changer called Voice Spice Recorder offers the ability to record sounds and alter the voice’s pitch to get a whole distinct sound. So how does this voice changer website function online? It is really easy to use, and unlike other male-to-female voice changers online on this page, you may record straight from our device’s microphone. Normal, robot, woman, man, space squirrel, and hell demon are among the five voice effects available.

Voice Spice Recorder

Click the record button once you’ve made your choice for the desired online voice effect. Then, click the stop button to end the recording when you’re ready. Following that, it is entirely free for you to listen to and download. You can also build a link on this website and share it with your loved ones. So enjoy using this free voice changer online! The best part is that using it doesn’t require installing any software or applications.

Visit – Voice Spice Recorder

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Another best free voice changer online that you can use without paying anything is Any gadget with Internet access and a microphone is capable of using it. Twelve different voice effects are available online, including the evil voice, the robot voice, the megaphone voice, and numerous others. We only need to record audio, upload an existing audio file, and select the desired voice effect to use it.


There are no usage restrictions on this celebrity voice changer online; you can use the voice effects as frequently as you like. First, try out each voice effect, then pick the one you like best. The next step is to upload an audio recording in the.mp3 or.wav format.  You can also record sounds from the microphone at this point. After the audio has been uploaded, choose voice effects and hear the outcome. A green button that shows close to the audio player allows us to download the audio at last. So make fun of your loved ones by using this online male-to-female voice changer!

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The free online voice changers we’ve chosen will enable you to entertain yourself and prank your pals online, among other things. In addition, by using voice changers rather than voice actors for commercials and other marketing materials, business owners may also save a lot of money.

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