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Kidslox Parental Control Review: Features, Pros, Cons , Pricing & Expert Advice

Do you want to keep your kids safe online? Kidslox Parental Control might help you in that. 

In this digital era, everything has become digital including education, shopping, and interaction with friends and relatives. Though it is a blessing to interact with the world sitting on your own couch, the internet has a dark side too. This dark side is the addiction to social media apps, online games, and instant messaging which attracts teens and young children the most. Your mischievous kid will never take a verbal no and resist to keep using these harmful apps.

Well! Where there is a problem, there is always a solution. In this case, the solution is parental control apps. One such effective app for safe digital navigation of kids as well as for making parenting easy for you is Kidslox Parental Control.

Our panel of children’s online activity monitoring experts tried some of the best parental control software and apps and the one app that caught our attention was the Kidslox Parental Control app.

What is Kidslox Parental Control?

Kidslox Parental Control is an effective parental control software that promotes more family time and less screen time for kids. It gives parents the power to block any app or website that they find unsuitable for their kid. It offers a wide range of effective tools for monitoring your child online as well as offline. Kidslox robust features are widely acclaimed for promoting safe online experiences for kids.

In this Kidslox Parental Control review, we will cover Kidslox Parental Control features, pros and cons, and affordability.

Also, does it really live up to its expectations? You will get the answer soon.

Features & Highlights of Kidslox Parental Control

Some of the fantastic Kidslox Parental Control app features are:-

  • Robust app blocker. It can effortlessly block any app including social media, online gaming, messaging that you don’t want your kid to use.
  • Childproofing. By making use of this feature, you can forbid your child from uninstalling this app on their phone.
  • Location tracking. By using this feature you can easily see the current location as well as location history of your child’s smartphone.
  • Time scheduling  – This feature gives you the authority to decide when your kid can use that particular app and when not.
  • Daily Limits – A feature which helps in setting time limits on a particular app as well as on the whole device of your kid.
  • Self block – A feature from which it itself blocks four million URLs from websites around the world which Kidslox thinks is not suitable for your child.
  • Web filtering – By using this feature, you can manually block URLs of any websites you do not want your kid to interact with.
  • Safe Search – A feature that restricts users from searching for inappropriate content.
  • Internet Block – This feature can block the device from using the internet for a particular time.
  • YouTube restricted mode – It is one of the most unique Kidslox Parental Control features. This will prevent kids from accessing content marked 18+ on Youtube.

Why should you choose Kidslox Parental Control?

Kids nowadays spend most of their time ogling on to screens. This exponential rise in their screen time not only affects their education but also is a reason for their deteriorating health. These smartphones affect your kids more than you think. They can access age-inappropriate content or be a victim of cyberbullying. For dealing with all these concerns, Kidslox Parental Control works as a savior. It offers many features to keep young children safe from unwanted experiences.

Let’s weigh Kidslox Parental Control’s pros and cons for getting more clarity. 


  • 1. Kidslox Parental Control keeps your kids safe from adult content like pornography, violence, alcoholism by blocking and filtering harmful apps and websites.
  • 2. By using this app, you can block any gaming site or app with an online chat feature to safeguard your little one before they become a victim of cyberbullying and online scams.
  • 3. You can monitor your child’s behavior by using its location tracking feature. This app gives you a complete record of the location history of your kid and the time they spent at any particular place.
  • 4. Its website blocking feature is very effective in blocking age-inappropriate content. Kidslox blocks four million URLs on its own according to its algorithm.
  • 5. It does a pretty great job in controlling screen times of kids as it can set time limits on certain addictive apps as well as on the device of kids.
  • 6. Whenever your kid exceeds the time limit, Kidslox can send push notifications on your own smartphone so that you can warn your kid immediately.


  • 1. With Kidslox, you cannot get a previous record of messages, calls, pictures downloaded or deleted on your kid’s device.
  • 2. It does not monitor SMS and calls on the device being monitored.
  • 3. It does not give access to the search history of your kid.


Kidslox Parental Control features come at a very reasonable price. It offers its powerful unique features ranging from $7.99 per month, $39.99 for 6 months, $59.99 per annum, and $99.99 for a lifetime membership. You can add up to 10 devices in a single plan. It also offers a Free plan for up to one device and mode changing for just 5 times a day.

How Kidslox Parental Control Works

Kidslox Parental Control works in three simple steps:-

  • Install- You can either install this app from the download link available on the website or by manually searching it on Appstore or Google Play Store according to the device you are using.
  • Setup– By using the step by step guide available in the app itself, you can easily set up this app and get acquainted with its features and functions.
  • Register- Create your account on this app to get your login credentials.
  • Monitor-Start monitoring your kid’s device using your own phone.

Expert Advice for Kidslox Parental Control App

According to our panel of experts, Kidslox Parental Control is a reliable option for controlling the screen times of kids as well as keeping them safe from age-inappropriate content. By making use of its robust features, you can ensure the safe digital navigation of your child. Before trusting this app blindly and purchasing the free version, experts recommend taking a free trial, it will be limited to one device but it will give a pretty good clarity about the reliability of this app.

We hope our Kidslox Parental Control review was helpful enough for choosing the best parental control app and software for your kid. For the long term, you should go for the premium version to monitor the whereabouts of your kid for ensuring their online as well as offline security.

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