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Top 20 Internet of Things Examples You Should Know in 2023

Do you know that we see several IoT examples from the moment we get out of bed to the second we go back home? So, the fact that IoT-connected devices are predicted to triple within a decade does not come as a surprise. Wait, did you not know that? Well, it’s true and calculated. With the devices, total revenue through the technology will most likely double, rising up to $1 billion by 2030. Crazy, right? This certainly means that IoT will become an integral part of our daily lives, both at home and in the workplace. The IoT security ecosystem is growing fast. So, it’s natural that we come across multiple Internet of Things example devices every day. From simple fitness tracking devices to intricate agricultural tools, Internet of Things solutions are causing our lives to become more convenient and productive in almost every field. The key areas where the technology is being implemented are:

Top Internet of Things (IoT) Examples:

  • Internet-connected appliances
  • Autonomous farming equipment
  • Home security systems
  • Health monitoring wearable gadgets
  • Logistics tracking and shipping container
  • Smart factory equipment

Over time, we may witness even more surprising examples of IoT and its field of operation. Hence, there is no wonder that IoT application development is continually drawing huge investments and interest.  With this said, let us explore examples of IoT devices we see almost every day to understand and embrace this technology. But, before we jump into the list of Internet of Things examples, let us first have a brief overview of IoT devices with their advantages and disadvantages.

What are IoT devices?

IoT devices are connected to the internet, sending and receiving data from other systems, people, or IoT devices. We now have the ability to manage and operate these internet-connected gadgets from any location in the world, thanks to IoT devices. Responsive sensors, low-energy wireless, LTE, Bluetooth, NFC, wireless protocols, and other technologies let IoT devices achieve this seamless connectivity. You can observe this by operating any of the IoT examples present today.

Advantages of IoT devices 

Many Internet of Things examples is attracting interest because of the multiple benefits they provide. The following list of benefits of these smart gadgets includes some of them:

  • IoT devices use machine-to-machine communication to enable smooth device connection.
  • They assist in accelerating and streamlining daily tasks without requiring human involvement. For instance, changing the room temperature settings as per the outside weather.
  • Automation framework reduces the time and manual labor employed in accomplishing a task.
  • It offers remote access and control over devices connected to the internet.
  • Provides real-time data to track problems and take corrective actions beforehand.

Disadvantages of IoT devices

Even if you name some of the best Internet of Things device examples, there are still a few grey areas that demand corrections. Here are some of them:

  • An accidental data breach may lead to security threats.
  • Automation of tasks will reduce job opportunities
  • Automated systems may fail sometimes
  • No international compatibility standards for IoT devices

Top 20 Internet of Things Examples

IoT applications in daily life are making human lives easier and simpler. People can point to multiple IoT device examples they see every day.  We have prepared a list of the top 20 IoT devices that are popular enough to make you understand the relevance of this technology for our daily chores.

1. Amazon Echo Voice Controller

Irrespective of age, this entertaining IoT device is popular among people of all ages. Amazon Echo Plus voice controller can make phone calls and send messages on your command, play songs, set alarms, check the weather, answer your questions verbally, manage to-do lists, and manage smart home appliances, among many other things. When it comes to IoT device examples with sound cancellation and voice recognition, Amazon Echo tops the list.

Key Features:

  • Can make calls, play music, and set alarms simply with voice commands
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Provides real-time information about weather, traffic, and more.
  • Can control other smart devices around it
  • Can be your home automation system

2. Google Home Voice Controller

This is another Internet of Things device example that operates with voice commands. It allows you to control speakers, TV, lights, alarms, and other smart devices.

Key Features:

  • Can provide real-time answers from Google
  • You can dial calls and send broadcast messages using this device
  • Comes with in-built speakers
  • Provides weather updates
  • It can operate smart home appliances
  • Can manage your to-do lists

3. Philips Hue Hue Go

Another excellent example of an IoT device that helps in daily life is Philips Hue Hue Go. It provides you endless opportunities to integrate light into your daily life and operate it at your convenience.

Key Features:

  • It is a portable and versatile light that helps you create custom lighting
  • You can control the device through Updated WiFi or Bluetooth
  • The lights have natural dynamic effects
  • There is a slider above the lighting control panels to adjust the lighting
  • You can improve your gaming experience using third-party applications with this device.

4. August Doorbell Cam

Looking for a smart camera? One of the best protective IoT device examples to use in daily life is August Doorbell Cam. The smart camera can help you remotely attend your door from anywhere. It keeps a constant check on your doors and senses as well as captures any unusual motion at your entrance. It comes with an integrated floodlight that records everything in HD quality.

Key Features:

  • High-quality camera recording
  • Night-time recording with full color and HD
  • Real-time alarms after detecting any unusual movements
  • You can operate it with your normal wiring
  • Two-way sound to answer the door
  • You can finish the set-up process through a USB dock

5. Amazon Dash Button

If you’re looking for an Internet of Things example or option that helps you not run out of important everyday items, then Amazon Dash Button is for you. This device connects itself with Wifi and ensures that you have things from medical care to groceries. To unlock all the benefits of the Amazon Dash Button, you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime.

  • It reorders your routine items simply when the user presses the button
  • Can place multiple orders
  • Covers basic to luxury items like healthcare, groceries, skincare, etc.

6. Flow by Plume Labs Air Pollution Monitor

Worried about the deteriorating air quality? Among the many Internet of Things device examples, Flow is the one that can take care of both your lifestyle and health. This magical device has a vegan leather strap and comes with a stainless steel body. It notifies you about the pollution and air quality so that you can operate the device to improve it. Moreover, its body has a touch screen along with good-quality RGB LEDs.

Key Features:

  • Displays measurement of particulate matter, nitrous oxide, and volatile organic compounds accumulated due to exhaust gases
  • Immediate report on the air quality
  • Provides a detailed report of components that you exhale
  • Helps you improve the air quality around you by planning through it

7. Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker

This may count as a luxury example of an IoT device; however, it can serve to be a boon for coffee lovers. Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker can help you have remote access to your coffee brewing. Yes, using this device, you can monitor, schedule, and modify your coffee from anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to set up reminders for coffee
  • You can schedule and adjust the brew time from anywhere
  • Brews coffee just in 7 minutes
  • Comes with buttons for manual use
  • Comes with 10-Cup Thermal Carafe to keep coffee fresh and hot

8. August Smart Lock 

A reliable example of an IoT device for security maintenance is August Smart Lock. It can enable you to manage your door in a hassle-free and remote way. So, if you’re worried about thieves or intruders, you can count on this smart lock for your security.

Key Features:

  • Enables the user to maintain records on who comes and goes from their house.
  • Avoids key theft issues and offers an unlimited number of digital keys.
  • Your door’s status is updated, showing whether the door is correctly closed or not.
  • A good auto-unlock system allows the door to open immediately as the user approaches it.
  • It is easy to install and compatible with the most popular single-cylinder deadbolts.

9. Nest Smoke Alarm

No, this example of an IoT device is not an old-school fire extinguisher. It is a smoke alarm that can speak, think, and alert you by contacting you directly on your smartphone about a sudden fire emergency. It comes with a self-testing feature where the device automatically tests itself and conveys the gravity of the situation through a set of colors.

Key Features:

  • Remote management through smartphone
  • Easy installation and set-up
  • Color of the light changes during the time of the alert
  • Have a USB and AC connector

10. Airbiquity

A software and engineering firm called Airbiquity offers linked cars over-the-air (OTA) updates and data management services. Users of Airbiquity can select to automatically and instantly notify family or friends in the case of a crash. Therefore, this is another example of an Internet of Things device that can help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Key Features:

  • Automates complex planning and executing of software updates for connected vehicles.
  • Deploys highly reliable, scalable, and manageable connected vehicle services
  • Combines safety, convenience, and entertainment of the users.

11. Sync Smartband Activity Tracker

An Internet of Things example that suits kids, as well as adults, is Sync Smartband Activity Tracker. The health tech section is now flooded with wearable gadgets and smartwatches. However, this special device focuses on holistic health management by providing a fitness tracker, sleep tracker, location tracking, and other health-tracking functions all in one place. The “My Sync” portal is aimed to be a family-focused platform, collecting health and fitness data, location, and REM sleep patterns of the users.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a water-resistant TPU rubber in 5 colors: blue, green, pink, white, and orange.
  • Glows in the dark
  • Once fully charged, the battery can last up to 2 to 3 months
  • iOS and Android apps help track various metrics

12. Enevo Waste Management Solutions

One of the finest IoT applications examples is an efficient waste management solution. Enevo offers waste management technology that reduces environmental degradation without incurring whopping costs. They help their associates and haulers efficiently manage their wastes and offer them full control and transparency over the system. The technology is a powerful combination of a revolutionary sensor, a dynamic analytics platform, and outing & planning capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Optimized waste collection methods
  • Waste management for a sustainable environment
  • Less operational costs
  • Transparent analysis
  • Implementation with continuous innovation
  • Customized processes

13. Nest Smart Thermostat

This smart thermostat is another IoT device example that helps improves lifestyle. Apart from adapting and adjusting the room or home temperature as per your preferences, this smart thermostat also transmits alerts in case the temperature becomes likely to affect your other home belongings.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Alexa for voice control.
  • Saves energy by adapting the room temperature.
  • Helps to read the display across the room.
  • Compatible with many other smart devices

14. Zubie Rental Connect

This product is a classic IoT application example for vehicle management. The Zubie Rental Connect provides enhanced telematics solutions with GPS integration. The device alerts the user about critical data points. In addition, users can efficiently manage their fleets using enhanced telematics for rental fleets. It can reduce errors, track vehicle maintenance, and optimize fuel revenue.

Key Features:

  • Asset protection
  • Counter system integration
  • Proactive vehicle utilization
  • Real-time fuel level and odometer to counter systems

15. SimpliSafe Home Security

Looking for IoT solutions for home security? This IoT device example is just what you need! With a faster emergency response and smart detection with sensors for every window or door of your home, SimpliSafe Home Security makes your home a smart home. The professional 24/7 HD camera monitoring comes with hazard detectors to guard against fires, carbon monoxide, and even floods.

Key Features:

  • Real-time alerts
  • Faster with Video Verification
  • Not very expensive
  • Protection against fire and water damage
  • Precise motion detection

16. Canary

Canary is another Internet of Things device example for home security management. It can record video and audio and notify the user on their smartphones. It detects and captures the entry and departure of people, which is visible to the user simply through their smartphones.

Key Features:

  • Keeps you connected to your home 24/7
  • Allows you to turn off the camera and microphone fully with privacy mode
  • Automatically changes modes when you enter or leave home
  • Sends mobile notifications with HD video & audio recording on detecting motions

17. Kuri Mobile Robot

Famous, little, and charming, Kuri is an exclusive robot that falls into our list of best IoT device examples. It obeys all the commands that you give verbally. Typically, it is meant to record your regular life at home. You can also comprehend its state of mind with its changing colors.

  • Has a sensor touch and an HD camera to capture the moments.
  • In-built microphones and gestural mechanics.
  • Comes with speakers and a heart light.
  • It has a built-in driving system and mapping sensors.
  • Comes with a fast charging pad and a decent processor.

18. June Intelligent Oven

Looking for IoT device examples to set up a smart kitchen? Start with June Intelligent Oven. This smart oven can suit even the most exquisite tastes. You can connect with the device directly through your smartphone. This way, the time you spend on cooking is saved by this smart oven.

  • Comes with an internal camera
  • Has an in-built probe thermometer that estimates the cooking time
  • Users can manage the device and receive its notification through its app
  • Comes with several pre-programmed cooking functions

19. Keen Home Smart Vent

When it comes to venting solutions, there are a few IoT device examples that people can think of. Keen Home Smart Vent is normalizing such devices by being efficient and healthy. It is an intelligent device that zones your home on a room-by-room level and offers wireless control through your smartphone. With official nest partnerships, it regulates the airflow and works towards enhanced control.

Key Features:

  • Comes with embedded temperature and pressure sensors for performance monitoring
  • Precise and quiet operation is ensured by airfoil louvers
  • 2+ year battery life
  • Comes with an interchangeable faceplate, which is easy to clean
  • Works with Nest, Lowe’s Iris, and SmartThings

20. WeMo Insight Smart Plug

Another great example of an IoT device for home management is WeMo Insight Smart Plug. Using this device, you can control the lights and other home appliances from anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Provides insights into home energy usage
  • You can create schedules and rules and receive notifications using this smart plug
  • Easy integration with hands-free voice control devices like Amazon Alexa
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS.

The Takeaway

People can now understand that just within a few years, IoT devices have replaced conventional ones and are permeating every aspect of our lives. Examples of IoT devices are now available everywhere, whether it’s your home or office. So, any place can become a smart space by adding IoT devices to it. These devices may manage the entire lifestyle of humans within a couple of years. Thus, it is essential to get acquainted with the technology and keep ourselves a step ahead in the game of emerging tech.

By Khatija Bano

A writer by heart and profession, Khatija has been writing with years of experience in content & copies. She keeps her focus on delivering value to the readers with verified information. When not nerding out over writing or reading, you can find her binge-watching thrillers.

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