How to Use Xbox One Controller on Windows 10 PC

How to Use Xbox One Controller on Windows 10 PC

Did you know you can use your controller on a PC? The answer is yes you can. In this article, we will share the methods using which you can easily connect the controller.

You can now connect the Xbox One controller with the PC and enjoy the majority of the games supported on your PC, whether it is wired or wireless.

The Xbox One controller has in-built windows drivers which makes it easy to connect with the PC without any other software. But then every model has a different method stated for connection. We will be sharing them with you so that you can easily connect with the device. Let’s read them below.

Connect Wired Xbox One Controller To Windows PC for Windows 10

Connecting the wired Xbox One controller is the simplest as you need a cable that can connect with the PC and the Controller. Connect both the devices using the cable and that’s it you can now enjoy gaming with the wired Controller.

Before connecting it is advised to download Xbox One controller driver on Windows 10. As the drivers play an intermediary role in establishing a connection.

There can be many other problems that may cause an error while connecting the device. So check whether the wire port on both the devices is in working condition. If there is any faulty element then you might face an error while connecting the Xbox One controller.

Connect Wireless Xbox One Controller (Wireless Adapter) to PC

The controller connection process using the wireless adapter is as simple as it is to connect with the Xbox console. Follow the steps stated below.

  • Plugin the Xbox Wireless adapter into the USB port.
  • Switch on the controller by pressing the ‘Guide’ button for seconds

Long press xbox controller guide button

  • Now press the ‘sync’ button situated at the top of the controller until it starts blinking
  • Press and hold the sync button of the adapter until the blinking light turns stable.

Now you have connected your controller to the PC successfully.

The adapter roughly costs $25 and has some benefits over Bluetooth. While using the adapter you can use the headset jack. Moreover, you can change the settings in the Xbox app available for Windows 10.

Connect Bluetooth Wireless Xbox One Controller

Bluetooth controllers have different designs and one can easily identify which one is compatible with Bluetooth. The shape of the controller at the top has smaller plastic molding as compared to the controller which doesn’t support Bluetooth.

The new controller has a smaller plastic with a headphone jack at the bottom and inbuilt Bluetooth.

Connecting the Bluetooth controller can be tough as compared to the other two mentioned above. Let’s check the method of connecting.

  • Press the ‘Windows’ key and search for Bluetooth on the PC

Bluetooth and other devices setting

  • Open the ‘Bluetooth and other devices setting’ from the list
  • Turn ON the Bluetooth and switch to discoverable mode

bluetooth and other devices

  • Now press and hold the ‘Guide’ button on the controller to turn it on
  • Press and hold the ‘sync’ button until the light starts blinking

press sync button on xbox one cotroller

  • From your PC click on the “Add Bluetooth or other devices”
  • From the list of available devices select the controller and pair.

connect xbox wireless controller

Now you have successfully connected the PC and the controller. Enjoy the gaming experience on you PC with the controller.

The better the Windows OS the more controller you can connect to the system. Windows 10 can have up to 8 Xbox One controllers connected at the same time. While on the other hand Windows 7 and 8 can connect up to 4 with no audio throughput support.

Tip for Xbox One controller connection

The drivers are an integral part of the system as they make a pathway between the PC and the controller. Having the updated and right drivers for the controller is advised as they can maintain smooth and efficient operation.

There are two ways with which you can update the drivers on your PC including manual and automatic methods. For the one who wishes to use the automatic method to update the drivers, they can download the driver updater software which will keep the drivers on the devices updated.

For the manual method, there are several ways with which users can update the drivers. You can update drivers manually using the manufacturer’s website, device manager, and others.

Wrapping Up: How to Use Xbox One Controller on Windows 10 PC

There are many controllers available in the market but the connection of those are divided into three segments including wired, wireless, and using the adapter. Now that you know the right method to connect the controller with a PC you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience with them.

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