How to Uninstall Apps on Mac OS - Delete Apps on Mac

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac OS – Delete Apps on Mac

As soon as our Mac OS overflows with a bunch of extra files and folders, that time we just want a quick button to empty our system space. Uninstalling something could be that easy. Yes it is but what we forget about is that sometimes it leaves behind some of the apps which will not be completely removed from the trash. We can easily delete apps, files and folders from the Mac but apps are located in different places so it could not fully be removed and hold some amount of space.

To get rid of this problem one can go for some automatic uninstaller but when it comes to manuals you have to take a few more steps to completely delete apps on Mac OS.

Why do we Need to Uninstall Apps on Mac?

When your Mac system fills with a large amount of data, it’s the time you should delete some of the data. If there are apps downloaded from the false websites or the apps which take lots of RAM size or the apps which you have not used for quite a long time or apps with the similar functionality, it’s the right time you must uninstall the apps and give some air to your Mac system’s health.

Now we have to look upon a few important methods to delete apps on Mac that will not only free up extra space but also boost your Mac performance.

MacKeeper – A Brilliant Solution to Keep Mac Organized and Optimized

Deleting junk and unwanted files or apps on Mac is a bit harder. But, don’t worry, you can seek help from MacKeeper, a complete automatic uninstaller for Mac. The tool easily finds and deletes every bit of system junk that is slowing down your machine. And, the icing on the cake is, you can try it for Free from the download button below.

Download button for mac os

How to uninstall Apps on Mac OS- using Launchpad

In Mac OS, the Launchpad tool helps you to easily search your choice of file, containing a list of apps to organize and open. Launchpad can be accessed using the F4 key through the Dock. You can easily uninstall the app from Launchpad, it will land inside the Trash and also remove their additional files.

Steps to uninstall Apps on Mac OS using Launchpad

  1. Press F4, then Launchpad is open, now long press the Option key
  2. Launchpad shows a list of apps in motion, you can see some of the apps with a cross icon at their corner head, these apps can be easily uninstalled just by a click.
  3. Confirm to remove by click on Delete.
  4. They are those apps which were actually downloaded from the Apple store and usually recommended to delete without affecting any functionality of your Mac system.

Uninstall Apps on Mac OS using Launchpad

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac OS- using Finder

Finder is one utility tool available inside the Mac OS. It contains a list of entire files, folders and apps available in your system. You are able to organize and delete apps on Mac using Finder.

Follow the below Steps to Uninstall Apps and Folders using Finder

  1. Press Control and Click it to open your app in Finder.
  2. Choose the App and click to the option Move to Trash or simply drag the application to the Trash Dock.

macos dock trash

This way you can remove the app but not completely. To fully remove the app you have to do some manual steps. Search for the associated files related to the app and manually uninstall the apps on Mac one by one. Now your app will be completely deleted from your system.

Below we are discussing the manual method to delete the app leftovers inside the folders which are needed to remove as well.

  1. Library files are located inside ~/Library/
  2. Crashes are present in ~/Library/Application Support/CrashReporter/
  3. App support files are reside in ~/Library/Application Support
  4. Plugins are available inside ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/
  5. Application saved states are located at ~/Library/Saved Application State/

Apart from this there are many files which we aren’t able to remove as it is restricted to delete apps on Mac. When you remove any file or folder from the Mac you must be sure about its usage, name and its importance, unknowingly dont remove it from your system and put your system in any kind of danger.

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac OS- using MacKeeper (Best Mac Cleaner App)

If you want to speed up your system’s performance and clean up its space then you can always go for some automatic uninstaller which will delete apps on Mac without any hassle.

MacKeeper is the best cleaner app tool which allows smartly uninstalling the unwanted apps. We prefer cleaning the app using the MacKeeper tool. It’s an automatic uninstaller which deletes the app with just a click including all the junk files. It’s a trusted app that allows smart scan of all of the system’s data without affecting any danger to your system.

MacKeeper is one of the best app uninstallers for Mac available in Apple’s store. In no time it helps you to find out the most unused apps, plugins, any extensions or widgets that need to be removed. Along with it optimize your systems performance and erase any kind of junk files inside the system.

Steps to Uninstall Apps on Mac OS- using MacKeeper

  1. Search for MacKeeper in the Dock.
  2. Open Mackeeper and on the left sidebar Select Smart uninstaller mackeeper
  3. Now click on the Start Scan to see the list of all of the Mac Applications and other items.
  4. Choose Applications option, present at the left sidebar of the list of all detected Apps and items.
  5. Click on the checkboxes available next to the apps you wish to remove.
  6. Then click on the below option REMOVE SELECTED to delete your choice of apps.remove selected to delete your choice of apps
  7. Next click on the Remove button for confirmation.
  8. When all of the selected apps are uninstalled you can see the amount of free space available now.

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac OS- using Terminal

Terminal is one of the easiest places to uninstall the apps on Mac by using few of the commands. It will not only remove the app but also erase the junk files and leftovers.

Steps to uninstall Apps on Mac OS using Terminal

  1. You can open the Terminal window, by following : search Applications then go to Utilities and then move on to Terminal.
  2. Inside the command line window type: sudo uninstall file:// 
  3. Then drag an app’s icon into the Terminal from the Finder present inside the Applications folder, it will automatically paste it into Terminal.
  4. Press Enter and wait for the uninstallation process.

press enter and wait for the uninstallation process

Now I Would Like to Hear From You

We hope now you are in the state to comfortably uninstall any of your apps on Mac. A healthy and speedy system is a must for you. Even if you have any issue regarding installing the app on Mac OS or if you would know more methods to delete the app from your system, please let us know in the comment box below.

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