How to Install Driver for USB Device on Windows 11,10, 8, 7

How to Install Driver for USB Device on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Some very useful and effective ways on how to install drivers for USB devices on Windows OS are given in the article below, go through them accurately.

USB devices are being used all over the world for many different purposes like storing data, transferring files, connecting external devices, building communication networks and many other things.

With so many utilities these USB devices have become an integral part of every computer user. But do you know a thing that ensures the proper functioning of these USB devices is the USB driver files. If any of the USB driver files are corrupted or outdated it leads to malfunctioning of the USB devices.

This article is a full guide on different ways to install driver for USB devices on Windows operating system PCs. All these ways help users to fix USB mouse not working properly issue and many other issues related to USB.

Download The Latest Version of USB Driver Files Using a Driver Updater Software (Highly-Recommended)

The task to download and update USB driver files on a Windows PC can be accomplished with the help of one of the best driver updater software that is the Bit Driver Updater. The software allows users to update all the outdated and faulty device drivers in one click. The link to download Bit Driver Updater on your Windows PC is given below.

download button windows

List of Different Ways To Download and Install Driver for USB Devices on Windows PC

Here is a list showing different ways on how to update USB audio drivers and other drivers on a Windows OS computer device. The most recommended method is already mentioned in the article above.

Let us now look at the different ways through which you can easily perform USB 3.0 driver download and update on your Windows PC.

1. Download and Update USB Drivers Using The Inbuilt Device Manager (Manual Way)

The very first way to download and update USB drivers is with the help of an inbuilt device manager in the Windows PC. Every Windows user is provided with a facility of Device Manager through which they can manage different activities on their PC.

Below we have discussed clear steps that must be followed or used while installing the latest version of USB device drivers via Device Manager. Go through the steps accurately.

  1. The first step is to right-click on the Windows start button which is located at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. A context menu will appear on the screen, you need to click on the Device Manager option.
  3. Double-click on the Universal Serial Bus controllers option from the list of all devices displayed there.
    click on the Universal Serial Bus controller
  4. After that right-click on the desired USB device and choose the option of Update driver.
    update driver
  5. This action will redirect you to another page, where the users are given two choices.
  6. Select the first option that states Search automatically for drivers.
    Search Automatically For Drivers In Windows 11
  7. The Windows OS will search for the new updates for the USB drivers and download them.
  8. In the end, users are advised to restart the computer device once. This action will ensure that the new update for USB driver files works properly.

This is the complete process on how to install driver for USB device on a Windows PC using the Device Manager. The method of downloading and installing the driver file for USB through the Device Manager is very traditional and requires a lot of time and effort. That’s why this method is termed as a manual method.

  • Install Driver for USB Devices From The Official Website of Manufacturer (Manual Way)

A user can also install driver for USB devices from the official website of the manufacturer. This is also an effective way of downloading the latest files for the USB drivers. In this method, the users are assured that the file is being downloaded from an authorised and authenticated source.

As different users have USB devices from many different manufacturers, keeping in mind this we have discussed some universal and general steps to be followed while downloading the USB driver file from the manufacturer’s website. The steps are as follows:-

  1. The very first step is to visit the official manufacturer website of your USB device.
  2. Secondly, search for the download section or the help and support section.
  3. Next up search for the drivers’ tab and click on it.
  4. Most websites often ask you for the device model number to search for the accurate driver files for your device.
  5. A list of all the available USB driver files for your USB device will appear on the screen
  6. You are required to click on the download button to get the driver file on your device.
  7. After that install the driver file perfectly on your PC and restart the PC once the installation process is complete.

This way of installing a driver for USB device is an effective way but at the same time, it requires a lot of work from the user’s end. This way is also termed as a manual way, and many users avoid using this particular way of downloading and updating driver files.

  • Run A Windows OS Update Program To Update USB Driver Files on PC (Manual Way)

A simple and very effective way to solve most problems on the Windows OS computer device is to run an update program for the operating system. From the Windows settings itself, one can update the version of Windows OS and install driver for USB device with the same.

The instructions to run a Windows OS update program to update USB driver files on a computer system are as follows:-

  1. Click on the Window start button and press the settings icon from the left panel of the screen.
    Go To Settings Through Start Menu
  2. Now click on the Update and Security option from the screen.
  3. On the next screen click the button that states Check for updates.
    Check for Updates in Windows 11
  4. The Windows OS will search and check for new updates for itself and notify you when the update is ready to download.
  5. After that click on the Download now button.
  6. Once the update is downloaded you will require to restart your computer device.

Most of the time all the outdated and corrupted driver files get updated after performing the Windows update program. The most recommended way to install driver for USB device on a Windows PC is discussed below.

  • Install Latest Version of Driver Files For USB Devices Using A Driver Updater Software (Recommended Way)

Until now only the manual methods to install driver for USB device were discussed with you. Here is the automatic way of doing the same thing with the help of a software solution.

The software which is used in this method is none other than Bit Driver Updater, the software which was discussed earlier at the beginning of this article. There are many reasons to consider this method as the most recommended method, some of them are as follows:-

  • Just a matter of one click The software allows users to update all the faulty and outdated device drivers with just one click. No extra efforts are required from the user, the one-click does everything.
  • Optimizes the performance of your device – As the software updates all the outdated device drivers on the user’s PC, the level of performance automatically rises and gives users a better experience while working on the PC.
  • Saves so much time for users – As discussed earlier the Bit Driver Updater software updates all the device drivers with just one click automatically. Unlike the manual methods, this does not require much time and has become the time saviour for the users.
  • 24/7 support service – To aid and assist users in resolving any issue that arises while using it, the software comes with 24/7 support services. Through these services, users can get the best out of the software and update the device drivers immediately.

After looking at the advantages of using the Bit Driver Updater software. Now let us look at the steps to use the Bit Driver Updater on your Windows operating system PC. The steps are as follows:-

  1. Download the Bit Driver Updater software on your computer by pressing the download button below.
    download button windows
  2. After the download, install the software on your computer device as per the instructions you get when you open the downloaded file.
  3. Now so after the installation process, launch the software and click on the Scan Drivers option.
    Scan outdated drivers with Bit Driver Updater
  4. Once the scan is completed, the software will present a list of all faulty and corrupted drivers on the user’s PC.
  5. One can click the Update Now button for updating a particular device driver.
    Bit Driver Updater will scan your PC
  6. Or else you can press the Update all button from the bottom for updating all the faulty device drivers.
  7. Lastly, the software will ask you to restart the computer device to make sure that the new updates for drivers work as per the expectations.

After completing all these steps you will get rid of all the problems that are related to the faulty device drivers on your computer system. Now you might come to know why this method is termed as the most recommended to install driver for USB device.

How to Install Driver for USB Device on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7: Conclusion

This is the end of this article some of the most effective and useful ways to install driver for USB device are explained above. The ways that are compatible with almost all the Windows OS versions such as 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and some older versions.

Users are free to choose any of the ways from the above list. But as discussed in the article clearly, the most recommended way is by using the Bit Driver Updater software.

Lastly, share your views on the topic and you can also ask questions regarding the methods to install driver for USB device in the comments section which is provided at the bottom.

Frequently Asked on Install Driver for USB Device on Windows PC

How do I install Android USB drivers on Windows 10?

You can download and install the Android USB drivers with the help of the methods listed above. However, we recommend that you use the Bit Driver Updater for ease. This tool provides all kinds of driver updates on your PC for free.

How to update USB device drivers on Windows 10?

Whether it is the task to update USB device drivers or any other driver, you can use the Bit Driver Updater for quick execution. Although other methods, like Device Manager, are also present. These require high knowledge and a lot of time to execute while the Bit Driver Updater does not. The tool will provide quick updates for your drivers with a single click.

How to Install OEM USB drivers?

To install the OEM USB drivers, you need to launch the Device Manager. After connecting the Android device to your system, you should run the tool and look at the OEM driver to update it under the USB devices category. However, you can always use the Bit Driver Updater tool for better results.

How to Reinstall USB Driver on Windows 7?

The Device Manager is the best source to reinstall all kinds of USB drivers on Windows 7, 8, 10, etc. However, if you have the executable file of the driver, you can also double click it to run and install the same.

What causes USB ports to stop working?

The most common and recurring reason behind USB port failure is outdated rivers. When you do not update the driver regularly, it causes problems in communication and, in turn, halts the connection. You should update the driver if you ever come across such problems.

How can I fix my USB problem?

As stated earlier, the best way to fix my USB problem is to update the driver. Once you update the drivers, you can connect any kind of device to your system and run it easily.

How do I fix USB ports not recognizing devices?

If you ever come across USB ports not recognizing device issues. Then firstly you should change the port to see whether the device is working or not. If not, try updating the USB drivers. This will allow a smooth flow of information between the device through the USB port.

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