How to Download Embedded Videos

How to Download Embedded Videos: Best Ways to Follow in 2021


I’m sure there have been times when you would want to save videos or watch them offline, because either you don’t have a proper connection to the Internet or because you all don’t want to take up our storage. Some sites purposefully restrict direct download capability to prevent the easy retrieval of videos while others enable it as an option but make it impossible for free users to obtain without purchasing the paid service. In this article, I am going to tell you how to download embedded videos using the tools of developers in your browser, tools available on the internet VLC media player, other browser extensions, and how can you record your screen. It is recommended that you use a plugin that expands your media player. If you want to play them outside the browser, particularly on devices that lack the VLC extension.

Embedded videos are similar to HTML5 videos, which can be hosted on the page and incorporated in a way that they allow you to display these embedded videos on every web platform like websites, articles, blogs, etc. This means that people don’t have to stay on the same page where they download the file. Embedded videos like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube don’t function as you want them to. We have broken it down into two basic stages: the more important parts have been dealt with and the difficult details have been covered so you can get what you want to download effortlessly. In general, for video hosting websites, there are quite a number of various types of applications, and the choices for each one may not fit another. Therefore, it’s better to have a large range of accessible video and audio options so you can still find the video that you are looking for. Do you want to know how to download embedded videos all by yourself? Well then, stick by this blog and check out the various methods I’ve narrowed down for you.

Different ways to download Embedded Videos

Here are the best options that will give you a clear insight on how to download embedded videos from websites as well as video hosting platforms:

Method 1: Download Embedded Videos Directly From Sites

Some applications are preinstalled with specific videos and images that can be quickly downloaded. For example, saving an image content-only file to a server-hosted server should be effortless, while uploading a video-only video is much more complex (Hayes, 2018). Video-based website design, video management and editing apps can also have their own formats or system solutions since certain tools split any or not. The issues that such particular services have raised for people downloading videos have concerned video download ability in general, specifically, has been considerable (Hayes, 2018). As you can see, we have a separate post about both of these options for our download from Twitch as well as from TikTok like social media platform. If you have a ton of videos to download and have a TV that is coming from the Amazon Fire, then the Cube could be a great addition to your home theatre (Hayes, 2018). A personal computer that lets you record, edit, transcode and play video at the same time is probably the way to go if you want to take video editing seriously (Hayes, 2018).

Method 2: Download Embedded Videos with Free Video Downloaders

There are a number of video downloaders that enable you to receive both standard- and high-definition (HD) quality video from different video-sharing websites. While it’s not really necessary to purchase video downloaders. Here are some of the most effective ones you may want to try:

  • EaseUS MobiMover Free
  • Free HD Video Converter Factory
  • 4K Video Downloader (Hayes, 2018)

Method 3: Download Embedded Videos Using Chrome/Firefox Browser

If you are fed up with dealing with app installation and browser add-ons, then you have found your solution. Some Browsers allow you to download videos in a more sophisticated manner. Video DownloadHelper was developed for Firefox in 2007, and Chrome supporting it in 2015 (Dani, 2021). It is available on both Mac and Safari. Both systems have been continuously modified to make sure both will still remain stable. a lengthy collection of references, including popular ones like Vimeo, and YouTube, is included in the application. Video Download Helper allows you to backup favourite videos in any file size. It just takes a few seconds to download and then convert (Dani, 2021).

Method 4: Download Embedded Videos Using Browser Extensions

One of the most useful ways to obtain embedded videos from media sites like Facebook, Instagram YouTube, Twitter, and so on is a browser plug-in. Add-ons are perhaps the most simple ways for uploading a video from the web browser. With a plugin extension, it is normally possible to stream videos on demand (Tech Factss, 2020). Let’s have a peek at each of the content-saving extensions: Through using these programmes, you can download video clips of high quality. You should avoid pages that do use Flash and the pages that shows how to download embedded Flash video, because it is not deemed secure (Tech Facts, 2020). For projects using embedded video, these add-ons run on several websites. Unfortunately, YouTube does not support this function, so we will need to use other extensions including YouTube Downloader as well as FastestTube. Video DownloadHelper is another well-known browser plugin that provides fantastic functionality for video downloads, it is free (Dani, 2021).

Method 5: Download Embedded Videos Using Online Services

You can also pursue different downloadable online platforms, which allows you to download embedded video online. It provides good results when it comes to trying to import embedded images (, 2021). This will enable you to use Fetch File to import videos that are embedded on other web pages. It is best not to use browser add-ons or apps like Google or Firefox extension to finish the job (, 2021). If you need to use it for work or school so you are not allowed to download embedded video online. There is no risk, you will be safe with us at your back. Several websites-based applications can take care of your needs. This simple task does not require significant effort since you are only required to include the URL of the video (Dani, 2021).

Method 6: Download Embedded Videos with Browser Developer Tools

You may also use the browser Developer software to import embedded videos. Chrome developer tools or the Firefox Page Inspector, just not all at the same time (Zoe, 2020). To learn how to download embedded videos in web pages using the browser development software, follow these steps: Today’s browsers are very advanced platforms, and developer-friendly approaches will deal with most embedded images. For the most part, however, platforms like YouTube or Netflix are in favour of having users access to just videos (Zoe, 2020). However, in most applications, this is a good solution. Though these guidelines belong to the Google Chrome browser, the functionality and commands are the same in Microsoft Edge and Firefox. If you have understood that how to download embedded videos on Firefox or Google Chrome, you would no doubt be able to do it on Safari as well (Dani, 2021).


There are many reasons why we would want to download the videos so that we could watch them offline. Your reasons could vary from an unstable internet connection to wanting to store them on your laptop or smartphone. The only drawback here is that embedded videos are a tad complicated to download. In simpler words, some websites don’t give away direct links to download embedded videos.

There’s no need for you to be disheartened as we have provided the best methods in which you can download embedded videos from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube in a matter of a few clicks. The six methods mentioned above are tremendously convenient, so it will be easier for you to download whatever you want, whenever you want.

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