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Basic Guide To Understanding The Mac Marked App

Markdown is a nifty markup language that allows publishers and writers to write for the Internet using a simple formatting syntax and plain text. While the minimalist approach to writing and sheer simplicity has made Markdown grow in popularity, one of the challenges of writing in HTML or Markdown is not seeing how the writing will appear once it is published on the web. That’s where the Marked application comes to the rescue.

Marked is a proprietary macOS application that helps users preview Markdown files on their Mac systems. It is an editor-agnostic preview application that watches a file for changes and updates the preview each time users save them. Automating and separating the formatting details allows users to focus more on writing while not worrying too much about the presentation.

Marked works wonderfully with files that can be locally accessed, including iCloud documents. All you need to do is drag a text document from the toolbar of your preferred editor to Marked, and the application will render it as an HTML preview. Then, the application will start to track changes and update the preview as you continue to write. The tool can even compile multi-file documents using a basic ‘include’ syntax. You can download and install the Marked app on your Mac computer by visiting

Once you have installed the application, you can leverage the app’s additional features given below:

  • The app shows word count and other document statistics to give you a clear idea of what you are writing and needed changes.
  • The tool can float above other apps or remain dim in the background.
  • Your work can be displayed in the application in a wide variety of curated styles.
  • The app can output your work to print or PDF, complete HTML documents, or Word documents, or copy HTML sources to your clipboard using a keystroke.
  • The tool also boasts a URL scheme and a standard AppleScript dictionary, making it easier and seamless to integrate into your workflow.

What’s more, you ask? Marked works swimmingly with a wide range of everyday applications, including text editors ranging from Emacs and Vim to TextMate and Sublime Text, Markdown editors like Byword, Multi Markdown Composer, and iA Writer, etc. The tool works well with applications like MarsEdit, Ulysses, VoodooPad, etc.

Basic Example Uses Of The Marked Application

The Marked application transforms any text editor into a Markdown-enabled editor. Therefore, it makes it possible for your preview to be always available, and your work is updated as you progress. Some of the instances where you can use the Marked app for boosting your productivity are explained below.

  • Does your preferred editor lack the option of Markdown preview? If so, you can open the document you are working on in the Marked app and then float the window to the side. You will get a full-featured Markdown writing experience.
  • Do you blog or write using MacVim or any other terminal-based editor? If so, the Marked app will allow you to sync Markdown preview while you continue with your work. So, you can see how your writing will appear on the web.
  • It is not mandatory to use Marked with an editor. All you need to do is drag the Markdown files and click on the icon to preview them. After that, you can print them or export them to Doc, PDF, HTML source code, etc.
  • The Marked application offers excellent display capabilities, and its abilities go beyond the existing Markdown preview tools. Users use the app to get a full word count, offer writing suggestions, document statistics, and even highlight mistakes in their Markdown formatting. The Marked app does it all, including checking spelling and grammar mistakes, mentioning the read time, simplifying complex sentences, and more.
  • If you are using applications that autosave as you work, you will find the preview constantly updates itself with your writing, and you don’t have to do anything extra. No matter what editor you use, the preview will get automatically updated.
  • Are you writing a novel or any book? You can use Marked and let the application compile several files to give you a complete preview of your final work. You can even view those files for changes and watch the main document update as you progress with your writing. The app can even watch an entire folder for changes and quickly switch the preview to the file you are presently working on.

In summation, the Marked application for macOS makes it hassle-free for users to preview Markdown and get an idea of what their writing will appear on the web. Therefore, the changes and edits can be made in advance, so the final work doesn’t need multiple reworks.

Have you started using the Marked app yet? Download today and see the difference it makes to your overall writing.

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