Top 10 Grocery Shopping List Apps

Top 10 Grocery Shopping List Apps

Introduction – Most people prepare a grocery list before going to a store, either in their head or on paper. But how often do they remember to carry that list with them? Most of the time, people forget to bring the list of what they need to buy, wasting a lot of time and effort.

Instead of aimlessly wandering the aisles, wondering how much milk is left at home, or struggling to remember each item on the grocery list, people are now willing to try a better alternative to traditional grocery shopping.

Nowadays, grocery list apps for mobile phones and the best online grocery apps are available to organize and purchase groceries better. These applications are next to the utility delivered by grocery delivery apps.

These grocery list apps for android and iOS devices do all the work needed, such as finding the best accessible deals or checking the nutrition facts for the items one is purchasing.

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Most grocery list apps can be customized by multiple users simultaneously. Others can be used and created by devices other than smartphones. For instance, some grocery list apps can be integrated with smartwatches or computers.

Read the article till the end to learn about the ten best shopping list apps in 2022.

Best Shopping List App

We have created a list of the best grocery list apps for your convenience. You can consider the applications in this list that would suit your requirements to ease your efforts when planning to shop for your groceries and prepare a meal for yourself or a gathering.

Take a look and learn more about the interesting features of the grocery list apps for android and iOS users.

1. Google Shopping List 

Google Shopping List Nothing would be the best shopping list app for android than the built-in shopping list or note applications on mobile phones.

You can access it via “Google Home app -> Account -> Settings -> Services -> Shopping list.” Alternatively, open Chrome Browser on Android and type into the address bar. The shopping list app should open if you’re logged in to your Chrome Google account.

This app allows you to create multiple shopping lists and share them with anyone in your contacts. Simply swipe right to check items off the list and left to delete them. If you want to add this app to your Android home screen, tap the menu icon in the top-right corner of Chrome and then “Add to Home Screen” to create an icon.

2. Mealime 

Mealime  Mealime is another one of the best grocery list apps that offer unique features and nutrition programs. These are pretty helpful for the users and help to improve the meal preparation and consumption of the application user.

The application has the provision to plan personalized meals for as long as a week with over 200 personalization options. Besides that, the application has a simple interface that allows users to create an organized grocery shopping list.

Mealime is one of the best grocery list apps for android and iOS devices. It has received quite good reviews and ratings on both Play Store and App Store.

Download: iOS and Android

3. Cozy Family Organizer 

Cozy Family Organizer  Cozi Family Organizer is an all-in-one application that is the best shopping list app. It was built by a small team of veterans from Microsoft and Amazon. The application was available for users to download in 2006. Since then, this family organizer and grocery list app has grown steadily, recording a user base of 17 million in 2016.

This best grocery list app lets kids add their favourite snacks to a shared family list and has a colour-coded calendar to keep track of everyone’s schedules and email reminders for important events. Another helpful feature in the recipe section is a “no-dim” button, which prevents the mobile screen from going dark while cooking.

Given the variety of features available on the Cozi, many consider it the best shopping list app 2022.

Download: iOS and Android

4. Opt Up 

Opt Up Browsing 40,000 different types of products in a typical grocery store can be daunting. That’s why Kroger created this simple and best shopping list app that assigns nutrition scores to almost everything on the shelves, suggests more innovative substitutions, and makes recommendations based on what you already buy at their chain of stores.

Purchases made with a loyalty card are automatically tracked, and users can look up scores at any retailer. Then, simply scan a product’s barcode or search the database to learn how to make healthier choices.

Opt Up is available for users of iOS and Android devices. Many users have acclaimed the utility of the application on the pretext of being the best grocery list app.

Download: Android

5. List Ease 

List Ease List Ease application is similar to a digital version of a schedule planner, but it is only for grocery shopping and kitchen-related tasks. List Ease is the best shopping list app that allows users to plan their grocery shopping better by creating a stock list of the items already in the kitchen at home.

The application has helped many users avoid unnecessary purchases and keep food and ingredient waste at bay by keeping track of what’s already available. In addition, the application has been acclaimed to be worthwhile in saving a lot of time and money.

For these reasons, the grocery list apps for android and iOS users are a good choice. One can download the app from App Store or the Play Store.

Download: iOS and Android

6. Yummly 

Yummly  Yummly is the most innovative application on the best shopping list app collection. Users can get new recipes based on the ingredients they take a snap of through the application. In addition, they can also browse dishes from their favourite food sites. Any item or ingredient required for making your chosen recipe is automatically added to an organized list.

Users have acclaimed it as one of the best grocery list apps for android. The application is available on App Store as well as the Play Store.

Download: iOS and Android

7. Our Groceries 

Our Groceries Our Groceries is a top choice among users of grocery list apps that prefer to use simple, highly user-friendly applications with an easy and interactive interface. In addition, multiple members of a family group can edit the lists at the same time.

Moreover, users can access the list online on a computer in real-time. They can also be checked off on the Apple Watch. Hence, the Our Groceries is undoubtedly the best shopping list app 2022 because of its availability on different devices and ease of usage.

The application is available for Android and iOS users on the Play Store and App Store.

Download: iOS and Android

8. AnyList 

AnyList AnyList is the best grocery shopping app because the application intuitively organizes all the items entered by the user of the application according to several categories. In addition, it also enables the user to share the lists via email with unlimited sharing.

If changes are made to the list, these are automatically updated and synced instantly. This makes it convenient to edit and alter items, making it another best shopping list app 2022. Given these user-friendly features, AnyList has received a near-perfect rating of 4.9 on the App Store.

The application is available on both App Store and Play Store.

Download: iOS and Android

9. Bring!

Bring Bring has been acclaimed as the best shopping list app, especially for professional caterers who have to purchase groceries and plan and organize their cooking preparations on a large scale.

Play Store and App Store user reviews have often mentioned that Bring! App has been highly convenient for planning parties and other special events. In addition, the lists created on the app can be shared and edited by multiple users.

For these features, Bring is the best online grocery app. It is available for download on the Play Store and App Store.

Download: iOS and Android

10. Out Of Milk 

Out Of Milk Out of Milk is a popular, long-running, and best shopping list app for Android. It is free and ad-supported, but the ads are limited to a tiny sliver of the screen. However, if one uses the home screen widget, one will not be exposed to any advertisements.

The application can be used to make multiple shopping lists, pantry lists, and to-do lists. One of the remarkable features of this best shopping list app is its ability to create recipe lists, which allows users to create a repository of their favourite dishes for which they can search for ingredients. Lists are organized by food category and can be shared with friends.

Download: iOS and Android

Conclusion – Grocery Shopping List Apps

The grocery list apps mentioned above in the list should cover everything one needs, from the best shopping list app for Android and iOS. In addition, these applications are easily accessible, and their interface is quite simple, making them easier for users to use.  Therefore, these grocery list apps are undoubtedly a feasible alternative to the traditional way of preparing grocery shopping lists with pen and paper. The features these applications offer makes them the best shopping list app in 2022.

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