How to Get Your Android App Featured On Google Play Store

How to Get Your Android App Featured On Google Play Store

Getting your app featured in the Google Play Store promises a boost in recognition and installs. Features in top Google Play categories like Editor’s Choice, Featured, Top Developer etc. is something an app developer dreams of. This article explains the ways that you must follow to make your app grab the featured tag. Let’s get started.

Things You Must Know To Get Your Android App Featured on Play Store

There are tons of ways that top android app development companies mint on to attract users and Google Play’s eye. Here are the must-do(s) that you should understand in order to gain the chances of watching your app in the top categories.

1. Research and Analyze

In order to get your Android app featured in Google Play Store, the first important step you need to take is indulge yourself in research and analysis of other apps that have been featured on Play Store. You can start by checking up on apps that hold labels like Top Developer or Editor’s Pick.

To get better insights, you can install these apps on your Android smartphone in order to understand and analyze them better. Look closely at the features these apps are offering and dig deeper into the design, functionality, accessibility and other areas that make these apps shine on Google Play Store.

Paying attention to other featured apps on the Google Play Store is one of the prominent ways to get started in the lane with your own Android app as it will allow you to gain knowledge on what it is that you need to come up with in order to make your own app stand out and implement those ideas.

2. Keep Up With UI and UX

Now that you have figured out what is missing on your plate and what ingredients you need to get started with the execution of your plan, the next step is to dedicate your focus on UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) that judges the social stance and the lifeline of your app.

The one feature you are going to spot in every featured app which you have analyzed is their capability to fulfill a pleasant and lightheaded interface and a seamless user experience. Know that allowing users to experience an effortless access to any app is capable of bagging the heartwarming reviews.

If you want to have your Android app featured on the Google Play Store then do not skip the part where you have to wholeheartedly dive yourself into enriching your app with high quality performance, strong user interaction and consistent attitude across all mobile devices along with a healthy user experience.

The best way to ensure these checkpoints is by following the Material Design guidelines that Google suggests for Android apps to implement on their user interfaces. Incorporating the Material Design guidelines is a must-have to grab your app a pass into the category of featured apps.

3. Define Your App’s Functionality

While User Interface and User Experience breathes life into yours app, know that a soothing design solely can not ride the chariot to make it featured in the Play Store. In order to manifest your app’s name in that category, it is essential to define the functions and interactive quality of your app.

Make sure your Android app matches the Android App Quality Guidelines before you hit the green signal. In order to improve user experience app developers can have a big hand from these Android App Quality standards.

Moreover, app developers also get tips on how they can prep-up their Android app to get featured on the Play Store. You can benefit your app by following them and refine the functionalities to enhance user experience.

4. Work On ASO and Localize Your App

Working on app store optimization (ASO) is another essential step to take in order to optimize your app on the Google Play Store. App store optimization is a process in which app developers have to accelerate certain practices to make their apps rank higher in the app stores.

In order to make sure your app is getting visibility on Google Play Store, there are certain terms that you should be able to cross off the list. Here’s what you need to ensure for app store optimization:

  • Your app should have an eye-catching icon to attract users in the first look.
  • Incorporate relevant keyword phrases in order to create the perfect app title.
  • Make sure your app has its description short, simple and is able to deliver the message on what it offers as clearly as possible. Don’t forget to mention what it is and why it is for using the app.
  • Add a few high-quality screenshots and upload 15-30 second video to give users a glimpse of the way your app functions.

Apart from ASO, you need to make sure your app is accessible to all Android users across the world and is available in as many languages as possible. This one is an important action to gain chances of getting featured on Play Store. You can view Google’s localization checklist to implement this method better.

5. Promote

After cracking all prominent steps to chisel your Android app to perfection, it is time to bring promotional standards into action. If you want to bring your app on a strong ground at the Play Store, it is important that your app gets promoted on as many platforms as possible including social media and the tech stations.

You must remember that investing yourself into promotional activities will earn you a number of downloads and your app’s credibility will be able to take the front seat. In order to woo Google Play Store by creating a buzz for your app, you can:

  • Use AdWords to advertise your app
  • Create a page for your app and promote it on social media
  • Publish reviews on trusted and popular tech platform

Apart from these must-do activities, you should also work toward the press release to attract media and connect with influencers on social media and other platforms to increase the promotions. Working up to these efforts do make a difference by gaining more downloads and thus, more reviews on the play store.

Final Thought

Budding new ideas and mapping new strategies to remain consistent with ranking on Google Play Store is a never ending journey if you want to make your app shine brighter. While you mindfully incorporate these practices, remember that constant updates is the key here. All the best.

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