Best and free Photo Editing Software for PC in 2023

Best and free Photo Editing Software for PC in 2023

Shooting and clicking everything has become a norm for the new generation. The reliance on free photo editing software is not new to enhance dull photos to make them post-worthy. These tools have become more famous than ever because of soaring social media platforms and the popularization of aesthetic short video content. They basically act like a digital studio where you can edit, retouch, and renew your pictures.

Some free photo editing software like photoshop doesn’t demand a fortune to polish your photos. So, from a quick post for your Instagram feed to high-quality professional photos for a client, picture editing software can do it all.

However, it’s noteworthy that though most of the free photo editing software offers cutting-edge tools, most of them come with a basic version suitable for quick editing. Advanced features, such as AI-powered sky replacement, object removal, and more, usually unlock with the premium version. Nevertheless, this article will help you find the best free photo editing software with great interface and editing capabilities. If you still feel the need for professional features, download the photo editing software that suits your budget and other needs.

List of Top Free Photo Editing Software

The below-given list has been created comparing various necessary factors of the top free photo editing software out there. So, without any further ado, let’s look at these free professional photo editing software with their necessary details.

1- GIMP- Best free photo editing software among open-source platforms.


Otherwise known as GNU Image Manipulation Program, this is a platform that provides some of the most advanced editing features and tools, being a free photo editing software. Its basic version comes with various flexible features, such as masking, layer editing, color management features, filters, and effects. In addition, users can easily download free plugins developed by other users of the platform.

User optimization is the only downside of GIMP. It has a comparatively poor interface, stuffed with features that can overwhelm a user. Beginners, particularly, may find it challenging to understand complex editing techniques.

Key features of GIMP-

  • A comprehensive line-up of editing tools
  • High-quality photo manipulation
  • Graphic design elements
  • Access to community-created plugins or written code

GIMP Price- Free

Download – GIMP

2- Fotor- One of the best free photo editing software for beginners

New to photo editing? Try Fotor and boost your images in your photo editing debut. Though professional editors may struggle to find advanced features in this software, beginners will love its amazing filter stack. Other efficient tools of Fotor include a foolproof tilt-shift tool, multiple photo frames, batch processing tool, and vibrant or vintage color editing, all easily accessible through its menu. In addition, it allows you to edit the shapes and curves of your picture. All in all, Fotor is one of the best free photo editing software for Mac or Windows basic picture editing.

Key Features of Fotor-

  • Excellent quality filters
  • Exclusive 100+ photo effects
  • Batch image processing
  • Allows export in high-resolution

Fotor Price- Best photo editing software free for download and basic version. The Premium version is available at $8.99/Month.

Download – Fotor

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3- Photo Pos Pro- The best free photo editing software jampacked with editing tools.
Photo Pos Pro

It’s an optimally functional free photo editing software with robust editing tools and a user-friendly interface. Photo Pos Pro allows for basic editing and high-quality image processing, making it suitable for all types of users. The key tools it offers are HSL adjustments, color management, and retouching tools, including curves, red eye removal, clone brush, image sharing, noise reduction, and blur.

Moreover, it comes with a library of multiple filters and effects that are perfect for quick editing. Other commendable features of Photo Pos Pro are that it supports masks and layers, allowing the user enough control over the editing process.

Key features of Photo Pos Pro-

  • Multiple features
  • Simple yet smart interface
  • Beginner and advanced modes
  • Multiple tools for creating computer graphics

Photo Pos Pro Price- Download this free photo editing software for pc or smartphone. The Premium version is priced at $49.90.

Download – Photo Pos Pro

4- Pixlr- A quick free photo editing software

Pixlr is another editing software highly equipped with the necessary tools and features. To stand out, it provides some unique editing features, such as easy export and import. The software did not stop there; it launched a new version that offers a next-level editing experience.

Therefore, now you can make change colors and saturation, apply vignette effects and frames, sharpen and blur images, and combine multiple images. It also supports layers and other features, setting it out from the ordinary free photo editing software. In addition, it has multiple tools for drawing and painting. Thus, you can download this free photo editing software on your pc and smartphone to quickly tweak your photos or make them look professional.

Key features of Pixlr-

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Works with HTML5 instead of Flash
  • Multiple features
  • Stylish design

Pixlr price- Free basic version. The paid version is priced at $14.99/Month.

Download – Pixlr

5- PhotoScape


It’s another tool that will make photo editing a super easy chore for you. PhotoScape is a free photo editing software for Windows and Mac, generally compatible with all devices. Among many features, a prominent feature of this platform is the color picker, which enables the user to get the tool’s true color and contour. In addition, you can create posting using the software by using its splitter feature. Download this free photo editing tool now to try out these variant features!

Key features of PhotoScape

  • Variety of features
  • Easy raw files conversion
  • Batch edit multiple photos

PhotoScape Price- Basic version is free. The premium version is available at $39.99.

Download – PhotoScape

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6- Darktable


Supporting multiple file formats, Darkatable has earned its name in the best free photo editing software list. Surprisingly, this tool can also sort and filter the images you upload, making it quicker than most of its contemporaries. Another highlight of Darkatable is zero latency. Yes, the software slashes the time and offers an amazing picture editing experience to users.

Key features of Darktable

  • Filters and sorts pictures
  • Zero-latency
  • Professional color management

Darktable price- Free photo editing software

Download – Darktable



This free photo editing software is popular mainly because of its simple interface. Due to simplicity and easy functionality, has become a popular editing tool. However, despite being simple, it does not compromise the number of features. Gradually, the software has advanced its features by adding tools like layers, myriad community-created plugins, undo history, multiple filters, and an excellent 3D rotate/zoom function convenient for recomposing images.

Key features of

  • Simple interface
  • Plugin support
  • Filters and layers Price- Free basic version with the pro version priced at $34.68.

Download – Get Paint


The best free photo editing software will make you look picture-perfect on your feed or your social media company. If you’re a professional, a few of the above-given options can be handy for you. Thus, these tools are excellent both for simple tweaking or completely transforming your pictures. If you have used any free editing software or have any suggestions regarding the same, let us know your experience in the comments section below!

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