12 Best Free International Calling Apps for Free Calls, Text & Video

Who doesn’t enjoy talking to their relatives or new meetups with friends who are living abroad? But unfortunately, ISD or international calls are quite expensive. Additionally, you must pay roaming fees in order to receive that call. But what if we told you that there are now a number of best international calling apps that allow you to make free international calls? If you frequently use your phone to make calls, you might wish to utilize an app to make free international calls to save money. Calls to any landline or cell phone can be made for free with just a WiFi or data connection. You may also look into these free international calling apps if you run a small business and want to contact your customers using a different phone number. So, here is our list of the best free international calling apps in 2022 to assist you in determining which one best meets your needs. You will definitely be able to make an online call on the international number for free if you discover one on this list.

12 Best Free International Calling Apps

As we all know, the cost of traditional international calls is high. Even after paying the standard calling rate, you can still experience frequent call dropouts and an extra roaming fee. However, there are now a number of free international calling apps that let users make free international calling on both iOS and Android devices. So, the best apps to make international calls are listed below.

1. Skype

One of the simplest methods for online calling an international number for free is Skype. Millions of people use it, and it has been around since 2003! Now a part of Microsoft. You can access Skype using your browser, the desktop app for iPhone or Android, or by downloading the app for those devices.


You may access Skype on your tablets, Alexa-enabled devices, Xbox, as well as your phone or computer. While Skype is most commonly used for video chats, you can also use it for unlimited free international calls if you prefer or are required to keep your face hidden. Create a group call on Skype to talk to a maximum of 100 people at once if you need to communicate with a lot of people at the same time. You can even record calls while using Skype, which is an additional benefit.

This is an excellent feature of this free international calling app for Android if you wish to record an important event with colleagues from abroad or if you want to listen to wonderful memories of a conversation with loved ones afterward. Live subtitles and screen sharing are additional capabilities of this free international phone call app. International calls among Skype users are free if you access the call using Skype. Alternatively, you can purchase a subscription to pay for calls to overseas landlines and mobile phones. For instance, rates in China begin at just 1.9 cents per minute. Plans with unlimited data are also offered. If you purchase a plan, you’ll also be allowed to send text messages via SMS abroad. Please be aware that you cannot use Skype to make emergency calls, as with all VoIP companies.

Download – Android, iOS

2. WhatsApp

Another simple and well-liked app to make free international calls is WhatsApp. And over 2 billion individuals in more than 180 nations utilize it! Despite joining the Facebook family in 2014, this business can still run its own app. Facebook is completely absent from its home page.


It’s a VoIP provider; therefore, your device must have internet connectivity to make or receive calls. WhatsApp users can join via a web browser or a smartphone (iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows). This international video call app seamlessly syncs all your chats, allowing you to switch between devices and carry on your conversations.

WhatsApp was first largely used to receive and send texts, but it is now also used for audio and video calls as well as sending and receiving photographs, videos, and documents. In addition, this international call forwarding app also allows you to communicate with other Users online, but it does not let you call numbers that are not associated with WhatsApp. WhatsApp also enables chats where you can simultaneously communicate with a maximum of 256 people and exchange messages, pictures, and videos! Additionally, WhatsApp Business may interest small business owners for client communication. However, please be aware that WhatsApp would use your data if you aren’t connected to WiFi, so if you do not have unlimited data available, keep checking your monthly data usage.

Download – Android, iOS

3. FaceTime

If you use an Apple device, you presumably already know about FaceTime. However, this free international calling app enables you to make video and audio calls to iPhone/iPad users and is only available for those devices. So, yes, free online international calls are also available on FaceTime.


You aren’t even required to download this dedicated app because FaceTime is already present on your Apple iPhone. So when placing a call, simply select FaceTime as your option. To utilize FaceTime, you don’t need to create a new account. If you already have an Apple device, the transition is truly seamless.  This software stands out from the other free international calling app on this list because of a few cool features. For instance, you can watch films, use SharePlay to play music, and share your phone screen to include your preferred apps in the conversation.

You can still invite your pals to a call via a web link, which they can access from their browser if they don’t own an Apple device. However, you can still call them even though they would not be able to reach you over FaceTime. Other features included in this international phone call app are Portrait Mode, which blurs your background, Voice Isolation, and Video Effects, which muffles background sounds. Even better, you may schedule a Group FaceTime call for up to 32 individuals at once! If you only have a limited amount of data on your device, keep in mind that FaceTime operates over WiFi and cellular.

Download – iOS

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4. Viber

Another excellent choice for texting and making free online international calls is Viber. Hundreds of thousands of individuals use it to communicate globally. Use the PC software or mobile app for Viber to call other Viber users for voice and video calls. The mobile app is accessible through the Huawei AppGallery, Google Play Store, and App Store.


You are not required to create another login when downloading the program because other Viber users may locate you just by your phone number. You can message people or groups in addition to making video and voice conversations. Once more, stickers and GIFs add to the discourse, and every chat is synced across all of your devices. Viber is one of the best apps to call international numbers for free, record voice and video messages for speedy transmission, alter messages that have already been seen in a chat, and even establish disappearing messages with Viber. Since this is a VoIP service, you’ll also need an internet connection to place and receive calls.

Only calls among Viber consumers are free, but the Viber Outside service offers inexpensive international calling to landlines and non-App mobile devices. In this cheapest international calling app, you can choose between $5.99/month for unlimited minutes to 60 different countries or a monthly plan to buy minutes for particular countries. The most adaptable choice is to buy World Credit, which may be used at your own pace and anyplace.

Download – Android, iOS


Although LINE is one of the best international calling apps in Asia, you can still use it anywhere in the world to make free international calls. You can choose between a desktop download and a mobile app that is offered in the Google Play Store and the App Store.


After viewing a brief ad, LINE allows you to make quick free calls (up to 5 minutes) from practically anywhere in the world. Moreover, the recipient does not have to use the LINE app to receive these calls; they can be made to landlines or mobile phones. If you are using the LINE app, you can make longer calls (still for free). In addition, you may send texts with funny stickers, emoticons, and themes and create audio and video chats using the messenger tools. However, keep in mind that you’ll need Internet connectivity on your smartphone in order to make the free international calls, so be mindful of your data usage, or you risk owing your cell phone provider a lot of money.

Download – Android, iOS

6. Messenger

With the widely used Messenger app, you can send messages and make unlimited free international calls to other countries. It was previously known as Facebook Messenger, but since Facebook just changed its name to Meta, it is now simply known as Messenger.


Both a desktop application and a mobile app are offered by Messenger. You can call other Messenger users through the audio or video option available in the application. Additionally, you’ll be able to capture and transmit text or video communications. With the help of some amusing emojis and effects, you can personalize your reactions and chats while watching music videos, AI movies, TV series, and other content with your friends.

One drawback of this free international phone calling app is that you can only access this app if you have a Facebook account. If having a Facebook account makes you nervous. A word of advice: You can still continue using Messenger even if you deactivate your Facebook account. You can quickly get started with Messenger because it syncs seamlessly with your address book and Facebook friends list. But, of course, in order to make unlimited free international calls, just like with almost every other best international calling app on our list, you’ll require Internet access.

Download – Android, iOS

7. FreeCall

FreeCall is an innovative and one of the best free international calling apps that deviate from the conventional model and set a new benchmark for people who depend on international calling to contact family and friends. However, to be clear, FreeCall markets itself as the cheapest international calling app; therefore, in order to make use of some of its advantages, you must subscribe to it.


FreeCall works the opposite way around, so you don’t start with a paid service and then have to pay when your free alternatives run out. Instead, you need to buy credits to start using their software, which will be utilized to make unlimited free international calls. You can enjoy free days without being charged by purchasing credits. (Of course, you may also pay a monthly fee for unlimited calls to specific nations, but that would defeat the purpose of utilizing the service for its free minutes.)

Beyond this function, this free international calling app for Android only offers a very basic calling facility. Thus, it lacks all the glitzy frills you can get in other applications on this list. FreeCall, on the other hand, might be the best platform for you if you require an app that will not cost a fortune and will compensate you for buying the credits you have to speak to people outside of your nation.

Download – Android, iOS

8. Libon

Libon is one of the best free international calling apps that concentrate on family, particularly when it comes to ensuring that they remain connected overseas, in contrast to the majority of calling and messaging applications that seem to be neutral about interacting with others. For example, using the free international phone calling app – Libon, you may contact landlines and cell phones across many different nations.


Libon is undoubtedly one of the best international calling apps if you need to communicate with loved ones in a different part of the globe without raising your phone bill. It offers advantages like extremely low costs per second billing, no service charges for communicating, no expiry dates on the mins you buy, and the capability to connect from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, if you decide that Libon is your preferred app for unlimited free international calls in the future, you can also buy an unlimited plan.

But what makes this international phone call app unique is that you can pay to top off your family’s SIM cards and add more minutes to your own. You won’t find this key feature with other international video call apps if your loved ones depend on you financially and for phone payments so they can call you. As a result, even if this is only one characteristic, it is one for which we advise learning more about Libon.

Download – Android, iOS

9. Google Duo

Google users could find Google Duo useful for making free online international calls. All that is required is that both users have Google accounts! It is a simple, cost-free international call forwarding app on iPhone and Android devices, tablets, laptops, and smart displays.

Google Duo

On Google Duo, you may make one-to-one calls to your loved ones or leave a voicemail, video, or note for them to listen to later. Even a group video conference with up to 32 people can be initiated! If you’re concerned that Google Duo will consume too much mobile data, know that if you can’t connect to a WiFi network, Google Duo will automatically reduce your connection speed to 1Mbps.

Download – Android, iOS

10. PopTox

PopTox strives to offer its consumers simple options because they are often the best options. it allows you the choice to make a call straight from their website, whether on a Computer or a mobile device, without the need to download an application and sign in. To make unlimited free international calls anywhere in the world, all you need to do is open the website from any web browser, input the phone number, select the destination country from a drop-down list, and click the call button (where it allows).


You may use PopTox to make international calls for free to any number, including landlines, without downloading an additional app or creating an account. Instead, calls are placed using VoIP technology through your web browser, which may be viewed on a computer or smartphone. Visit the website, insert the number you want to call, and then click “Call.” So, what is the catch? First, it is constrained in the number of calls that can be made daily. This means that if you want to make multiple calls, you must subscribe to one of their services, which starts at $10 a month.

Download – iOS, Android

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11. VoipBuster and VoipStunt

You may make free international calls to numerous nations using the free international calling app called VoipStunt and VoipBuster. However, you must download their application or make direct calls from your browser in order to use either one of these services on your system (Chrome or Firefox). Instead, install the MobileVOIP app, which is accessible in the App Store, Google Play Store, and Microsoft Store, if you prefer to make calls from your mobile device.


Please be aware that you can only call some countries for free (on a landline), but you can call other regions for a very low charge. In addition, if both of you are using the app, you can make free in-app calls to any country. These calls won’t be video calls, only phone calls. You cannot send text messages either.

Download – Android

12. WeChat

If you live in the United States, you might not have heard much about WeChat, although it is very popular in China. It is one of the best international calling apps, with more than 1 billion monthly active users. WeChat is accessible both through a web browser and as a mobile app from the App Store and Google Play. However, in order to make free international calls, you must have a WeChat account.


With WeChat, much like other social networking apps, you can send messages, share photographs and videos, and make free video and phone calls. Additionally, WeChat’s Sticker Gallery provides a huge variety of entertaining stickers with artwork from artists worldwide to make your chats more entertaining.

Download – iOS, Android

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In this globally connected world, there are many best apps to make international calls. To begin with, all you’ll need is a dependable internet connection, either through WiFi or a data plan. Then, staying in touch all over the world is simple whether you’re communicating inside an application or using an app to call a cell phone or landline.

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