Best Free Intermittent Fasting App For Android And Apple

The first and most important thing you should know if you’re planning to begin intermittent Fasting is that it’s not the simplest diet out there! But unlike other fad diets, there are many best free intermittent fasting apps that are effective for weight loss and leading a healthy lifestyle. A rigid schedule, dedication, and resistance to temptation are all necessary components of an intermittent fasting diet. additionally, the intermittent fasting diet comes in a variety of forms; you must select the best free intermittent fasting app that works best for you. Some of the more well-known ones include the 16:8 plan, which restricts your eating to an 8-hour window, such as noon to 8 p.m.; the 5-2 plan, which calls for eating normally five days a week and then capping your intake at about 500 calories on the other two days; and the OMAD (one-meal-a-day) plan, which does just what it says.

Other well-liked intermittent fasting regimens are the Warrior Diet and eat-stop-eat. But out of all these intermittent fasting diets, you can select whichever suits your schedule the best; all you need to do is remember when you should fast and eat. Well, it doesn’t sound like any of this will be simple. But don’t panic! There are several best free intermittent fasting apps for Apple and Android devices that can keep track of your fasting hours and help you stay on schedule. You can also keep a record of your experiences and emotions while tracking your weight loss progress. We have gathered a collection of the best intermittent fasting app to make things simpler and make your fasting experience much more manageable.

Best Free Intermittent Fasting Apps In 2022

Intermittent Fasting is an excellent way to lose or regulate your body weight and simply get into healthier eating habits. So, let’s start with the most comprehensive collection of best intermittent fasting apps to keep you active and healthy and monitor your weight-loss success.

1. BodyFast

BodyFast For people who don’t know, BodyFast is one of the best apps to track intermittent Fasting, with more than 8 million consumers in Germany. There are more than ten distinct intermittent fasting regimens available on this app. The best aspect of this free fasting plan app is that it can help you alter your strategy at any time in accordance with your objectives for the current day or week.

Depending on your age and type of goal, BodyFast also provides coaching and meal planning suggestions. You can also take on some challenges enabling you to profit from the benefits as an added bonus or motivational boost. This free app for intermittent Fasting keeps tabs on your weight, body measurements, and state of hydration. With BodyFast’s assistance, you will gradually begin to form habits that improve your general wellbeing. Even meditation and breathing techniques fall within this category. In addition, stress management techniques like meditation can help you avoid stress eating. Unfortunately, many newcomers who attempt fasting for weight loss for the first time feel lost.

Fortunately, BodyFast includes a thorough FAQs section that simplifies the process and makes it easy to comprehend. BodyFast is among the best free intermittent fasting app for Apple and Android devices. Access is constrained under the free plan, though. Therefore, you must purchase a premium subscription to upgrade and gain access to more sophisticated programs. It will cost you $1.35 a week, $34.99 for three months, $54.99 for six months, or $69.99 for a whole year.

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2. Ate Food Diary

Ate Food Diary The Ate Food Diary is the best option if you’re looking for the best intermittent fasting app for free with a social component. With this software’s help, you can track the time elapsed between your meals and snacks. Doing this lets you quickly assess how the meal you consumed affected you.

You can also try out different routines to determine what works best for you. Ate Food Diary’s social media compatibility is its best feature. This entails that you can update your followers and friends on your fasting progress by posting updates on your meals and progress on social media. In addition, other individuals can log your meals with you, which helps with accountability.

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3. Zero

Zero Zero has received more than 1 million downloads to date. It is arguably one of the most well-known and best free intermittent fasting apps for Android and Apple devices available today. This should not be surprising given how comprehensive and in-depth the app’s features are. One reason is that Zero has all the timers you require to start your fast. Additionally, it features a journaling feature and a library of articles for your fasting education.

This covers topics like Fasting when under quarantine, improving your sleep quality, and what to drink while fasting. Finally, you may monitor your activity, sleep, and weight with Zero. Zero differs from other free fasting apps for Android and iOS because it uses your location to calculate the sunset time. When the sun sets, which is when you should start fasting, the built-in timer will continue to run automatically. Of course, if you choose, you can adjust your fasting times. Unquestionably one of the most awesome free fasting plan apps for those new to intermittent Fasting, Zero also works with seasoned fasters.

The app is available for free download from the Google Play Store or the App Store. But remember that the annual premium subscription fee is $69.99. In addition, you can obtain additional individualized fasting regimens and more videos and articles.

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4. FastHabit

FastHabit FastHabit is the ideal companion if you are experienced in the fasting game and just want the best free intermittent fasting app for Apple and Android to track your progress. Sadly, this intermittent fasting software lacks the usual educational features that other applications have.

However, this is for the reason that it is made for fasters who are more experienced and don’t need ongoing teaching. That does not imply that the software is in any way difficult to understand. Instead, it has a stunningly beautiful look and is incredibly user-friendly. In fact, it has gotten featured in publications like GQ and The Guardian. Additionally, FastHabit has a tonne of fantastic features. To begin with, it enables you to select your fasting schedule based on your preferences, whether it be a 5/2 fasting schedule or a 16/8 fasting schedule. Fasting can be broken and resumed whenever you like.

In addition, this free app for intermittent Fasting offers reports letting you monitor your streak of ten consecutive days of fasting to track your progress. The software also allows you to track your weight. FastHabit offers flexibility along with the ability to set notifications and reminders, helping you stay on track with your objectives. Additionally, it integrates pretty well with Apple Watch and Apple Health. However, in order to access more features, you must make a one-time $2.99 purchase.

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5. Fastient

Fastient Fastient is the best option if you want a straightforward and best intermittent fasting app for free without extraneous bells and whistles. This program has a stylish appearance and an intuitive interface. It may be simple, but it gets right to the point. This enables you to concentrate more on improving your nutrition and Fasting.

You can calculate the calories you lost for the times you fasted with Fastient. This free fasting app for Android and Apple also enables simple tracking of your dietary intake through straightforward graphs. The “fasting schedule tracker” option on Fastient lets you track all your meals in one convenient location. But Fastient’s journaling feature is one key aspect that distinguishes it from other best free intermittent fasting apps for Android and Apple. You can take precise, in-depth notes about your fasting adventure with the app. For instance, you should note if your 16-hour fast caused you to feel apprehensive or tense. Then, after reflecting on these realizations, you can decide what kinds of plans are most effective for you.

Emojis and dark mode are included as additional features. In addition, Fastient enables you to import your progress using an a.csv file if you are switching from another free fasting plan app. Users of Android and iOS can use Fastient for free, but there are also paid options available. The premium subscription costs $4.99 annually or $11.99 for a lifetime. If you want to test it out first, Fastient offers a free trial.

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6. Fastic

Fastic Being one of the best apps to track intermittent Fasting, Fastic guarantees to produce individualized material for your needs and objectives. Additionally, it improves your health and wellbeing using techniques validated by science.  Fastic provides its users something extra special in addition to the typical fasting schedules and methods: dishes. How often do you open the refrigerator when you have no idea what to make for dinner? Fastic, on the other hand, makes cooking time simple. There are more than 400 different recipes available, each one specially selected to match fasting schedules.

These meals are created to help you go through the day without eating anything for a while. The best aspect is that the recipes are really diverse, so you won’t have to worry even if you have particular dietary limitations. In addition, you can find recipes in a variety of cuisines. In addition, Fastic offers several other functions. This consists of a best free intermittent fasting app apple water tracker, and a step counter. Additionally, you can communicate with other Fastic users by using the “buddy” feature of the app. Both iOS and Android users can access Fastic.

It has a pro version but may be downloaded and used without cost. The premium plan has monthly fees of $12, three-month payments of $28, six-month charges of $46, and annual fees of $75.

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7. Simple

Simple As the name suggests, this user-friendly, best free intermittent fasting app for Apple and Android offers fasting time reminders and advice all day long and is an excellent option for beginners. Additionally, you may thoroughly log your meals and keep track of your exercise and hydration levels. This free app for intermittent Fasting will remind you when it’s time to eat and help you manage your fasting intervals.

It will also provide reminders throughout the day and some good ol’ smartphone motivation in the form of fasting suggestions. So that you stay on track with your hydration, Simple will remind you what to do when, including delivering push notifications for water intake. Simple is one of the best apps to track intermittent Fasting, which adapts over time based on your behavior so you can maintain your fasting schedule and habits.

You can start using Simple by creating an account, which is entirely free, but you can upgrade it anytime to a premium version for $15 per month. Both iOS and Android users can download the software.

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8. Vora

Vora With Vora, all the extraneous features typically present in intermittent fasting apps are removed, leaving you with a straightforward, user-friendly interface. This free app for intermittent Fasting has essential elements, including a journaling section and a visual record of your previous fasts. You can get started by giving each fasting a goal.

The app then presents you with daily timings and your progress. Additionally, you have complete control over how you create, update, and delete your fasts. You can share your progress on social media sites using Vora’s social sharing feature. It increases accountability. However, connecting with others in the fasting community via Vora may be its best feature. With that, you can get assistance from your peers and ask them for advice or encouragement. Vora is a free fasting app for Android and Apple. However, you can also pay $4.99 to upgrade to the premium version.

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9. LIFE Fasting Tracker

LIFE Fasting Tracker The LIFE Fasting Tracker app is great for both new and seasoned users. There is a comprehensive library with articles supported by research to help you get started if you want to know how quickly to lose weight. You can use the tracker on this free fasting plan app to keep track of your weight and waist size. You can track your glucose and ketone levels as well. Using the LIFE Fasting Tracker, you can also specify the start and end times for your fasting periods. It also gives you the chance to choose your own objective.

In addition, LIFE Fasting is one best apps to track intermittent Fasting, showing you a visual depiction of your advancement. It alerts you in this way when your fast has progressed to the point where fat is being burned. This increases your motivation and inspiration. You can also update your friends and followers on your progress in terms of accountability. Both iOS and Android users can get LIFE Fasting Tracker for free. However, if you prefer private coaching sessions, there are premium choices available. For 30-minute sessions, this can cost anything between $37.50 and $60.

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10. Window

Window The Window has fasting programs like the Warrior Diet and the OMAD diet that aren’t typically found in other best free intermittent fasting apps, as well as the majority of the regular suspects and the option to create your own unique fasting schedule and goals.

In addition, you can enable notifications to remind you to log your weight, mark the halfway point of the fast time, and receive reminders when the fast begins and concludes. This free fasting app for Android and Apple also provides comprehensive statistics panels that update you on your achievements, streaks, and other awards. All of those items are unfortunately not free.

Although you can download the app for free, you must subscribe for $3 per month to use it. Unsure whether you want to pay? You receive a free trial that lasts for three days, but you must remember to end it if you decide not to continue.

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Fasting is a fantastic technique to lose weight, but it can be fatal if done incorrectly. Therefore, to make the procedure simpler, whether you are a novice or experienced faster, you need the aid of the best free intermittent fasting app for Apple and Android. These free fasting plan apps may track your caloric intake, assist in weight loss, and even provide customized meal plans with nutritious meals.  As you can see, there are several best intermittent fasting apps that can support you along the way, and each one offers a unique set of advantages based on your objectives and requirements. But, of course, the final say in the matter belongs to you.

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