How to Fix Instagram Music Not Working Problem

How to Fix Instagram Music Not Working Problem – 2022 Guide

If you’re experiencing Instagram music not working and do not know How to Fix Instagram Music Not Working Problem. You are at the right place.

The Instagram Music not working problem is a common one, and the Instagram team hasn’t been able to resolve it to date. Instagram’s music player became a huge hit this year, and it’s been a headache for virtually everyone. But it’s not just Instagram that has had issues with the new feature. Other social networks have seen musician’s art being taken from them.

If you’re hip to the scene, you’ve probably noticed that Instagram is having a serious problem. For the past year, apparently, Instagram has been struggling to keep up with the constant rise in popularity of music on the app.

Basically, as more and more people liked, saved and followed musical content on Instagram, they have been unable to keep up with the number of requests on the servers. Without further ado, here is your Instagram music not working problem fix guide in 2022!

Fix 1: Update your Instagram first if your Instagram Music Not Working

If your Instagram music not working, you need to update your Instagram.  You need to go to the Play Store and look for Instagram and tap on the Update app.
Ipdate Instagram

Fix 2: Reinstall your Instagram Application

  • First uninstall your Instagram from your phone or by just going to the Play Store.
    Uninstall Instagram
  • Install Instagram from the Play Store.
    Install Instagram

Fix 3: Try to Sign in and Sign out from Instagram

When the Instagram Music feature isn’t available on your Instagram application, you should try to sign in and sign out from your ID.

  • Go to your Instagram Profile.
  • Click on three horizontal lines on the top-right.
  • Head to Settings & click on the Log out.
    Logout Instagram Account
  • Login with the same credentials.
  • Check for the Instagram music section now.
  • It may Fix Instagram Music Not Working issue.

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Fix 4: Try to Switch to a Personal Account

If you think ”why isn’t my Onstagram music working” you should try switching your public account to a private account. To do so, follow the below steps.

  • Open your Instagram account.
  • Find the Instagram Settings.
  • Head to the Account section.
  • Select the option “Switch to Personal account”
    Switch Personal Account in Instagram Settings
  • This step will surely Fix Instagram Music Not Working Problem.

Fix 5: Use WiFi to Update your Instagram Account

At times, it is seen that a mobile data does not bring your app to the higher results of it. Whenever the Instagram Music feature isn’t available, just turn your WiFi on and reinstall or update your Instagram using its data. Check if the problem of instagram music not working has been fixed.

Fix 6: Try to Switch your Account to Creator Account

For some users, this technique has helped to handle Instagram Music Not Working. This will allow you to enjoy songs in your tale once more. Follow the procedures below to switch to the creator account:

  • Navigate to Instagram’s Settings.
  • Go to the Accounts part of the app.
  • Select “Switch to Creator Account” from the drop-down menu.
    Switch to Creator Account in Instagram

Fix 7: Contact Instagram

If nothing seems working or you see Instagram Music feature isn’t available. You should try to contact the support center of the app. They will better assist you on How to Fix Instagram Music Not Working Problem. Now here is how you can contact the support team of Instagram.

  • Go to the Profile page.
  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Go to the Help page.
    Help in Instagram Setting
  • Select the option to Report a Problem.
    Report a Problem in Instagram
  • To write to Instagram, follow the on-screen instructions.
    Report a Program in Instagram
  • Or else, you can contact them on

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Fix 8: A New VPN will Fix Music Feature isn’t Available

Using a VPN to unblock Instagram Music is a good idea. Are you curious as to how? Using a VPN app on your Iphone or android will allow you to mask your true Ip address and substitute it with an IP address from any region where Instagram Music Story is accessible. Additionally, this trick can Fix Instagram Music Not Working issue.

How to Add Music to your Instagram Stories

  • From the top of the profile icon, press your profile photo.
  • Upload your picture or video, then tap and hold to select a Musical sticker from the list.
  • Tap on the Instagram Music sticker to activate it.
    Add Music on Photo in Instagram
  • Look for your best music track and press the play button on it.
  • To find your favorite songs as an Instagram Story, tap the Done button.

Conclusion on How to Fix Instagram Music Not Working Problem :

If you are a social media lover than ‘Instagram Music feature isn’t available’ you may feel sorry for that. It is not easy to get all the apps working spontaneously on your device depending on the model or version. Do not think anymore about ‘why isn’t my Instagram music working’ because we have catered some of the best clues to fix your Instagram music not working.

If you know about any other way that has not been covered in this section, let us know by commenting below.

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