How To Fix HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working Problems In Windows

How To Fix HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working Problems In Windows

Have issues with the touchpad of your HP laptop? Read on to find the best solutions for the HP laptop touchpad not working.

HP laptops are among the top preferences of users for their supreme quality and extraordinary features. But many users have annoyingly reported issues with their trackpads. It can be frustrating for users but these issues can be resolved easily. The write-up below mentions solutions for HP laptop touchpad not working in Windows 10. 11 or other lower version devices.

Best Fixes for HP Laptop Touchpad not working Problems in Windows 11/10/8/7 PC

Move down the list of fixes for HP touchpad not working, unless you find the best one that works for your device.

Fix 1: Update HP Laptop Touchpad Drivers in Windows PC

If your trackpad is not working you need to fix touchpad drivers for your device. To update drivers on your HP laptop you can choose any of the two methods i.e manual or automatic. These updates can help you fix the HP touchpad not working issue.

A. Automatic Method to Update Touchpad Drivers (Recommended Method)

You can automatically update all the outdated drivers through any of the best driver updater software. We recommend our readers to use the Bit Driver Updater tool for its additional functionalities. The tool comes with an inbuilt backup and restore option to recover driver data if required. Also, through the software, you can schedule updates for outdated drivers at your convenience. Additionally, when upgraded to the pro version of the software you get 24*7 technical support and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Without any further ado go through the steps to download Bit Driver Updater to HP laptop Bluetooth drivers and all other drivers automatically. Download Bit Driver Updater software with the direct link below. Install the tool with instructions that follow on your laptop screen and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download Bit Driver Updater by clicking the button below.

download button windows

Step 2: Launch the Bit Driver Updater tool and Select the Scan drivers option.

Scan outdated drivers with Bit Driver Updater

Step 3: From the list of outdated drivers find Mouse drivers. Select the Update Now option present next to your mouse driver to download the executable file.

Step 4: Select the Update All option to update the complete list of outdated drivers in one click. This option is available only for Pro users of the software.

Bit Driver Updater will scan your PC

Step 5: Once the download completes, Install the updated mouse drivers with the help of instructions that are displayed on your screen. Reboot your HP laptop to apply changes.

Notably, the automatic method is an easier way out to update trackpad or other system drivers. As your system will now have the updated drivers check if the mouse works fine and the HP laptop touchpad not working properly issue is fixed. If the issue persists, use the next fix.

B. Manual method to Update Touchpad Drivers

The manual method requires download from the official website of the manufacturer. You should be aware of the system specification of your HP laptop to find a compatible driver. Visit the official website to download the executable file for your mouse driver and Install it using the on-screen steps.

Here’s how you can update and install your mouse driver’s partly manual method by using Device Manager.

Step 1: Open Device Manager from the search bar.

Selecting Device Manager Using Start Menu Search In Windows 11

Step 2: Expand the Mice & other pointing device section.

Click On Mice and Other Pointing Devices

Step 3: Right-click on your touchpad and select the Update Driver option.
update driver

Step 4: Select the option to search for updates automatically and let the system download the updated driver.

Step 5: Install the touchpad driver software with the help of instructions that appear on your screen. Reboot your HP laptop to apply the updates.

This method requires more time and effort and hence might not be feasible for non-technical users.

Fix 2: Enable touchpad from Windows Settings

This is an obvious suggestion but can be one of the minor reasons for the HP laptop touchpad not working. Follow the steps below to enable your touchpad from settings on your Windows device.

Step 1: Search for Touchpad and click on Touchpad settings.

Step 2: Enable touchpad with toggle on and make sure the speed of the cursor is more than zero.

Toggle on Touchpad Drivers

An alternate and a shortcut method to enable the touchpad is by using the function key. Use the Function and F3 keys together to enable it.

If the issue of the touchpad not working in HP laptop persists move on to the next fix.

Fix 3: Uninstall the Mouse Drivers which are not in use:

If your laptop has more than one driver for the mouse this can be the cause of HP laptop touchpad not working. To remove these drivers through device Manager follow the steps mentioned below

Step 1: Open the run dialog box with Windows + R shortcut keys. Type the command devmgmt.msc and press Enter.

Type devmgmt.msc in Run Box

Step 2: Expand the Mice & other pointing devices. Uninstall the extra drivers by right-clicking on them.

Click On Mice and Other Pointing Devices

Step 3: Once the uninstall completes reboot your laptop to update changes.

uninstall driver

Check if this fixes the HP laptop touchpad not working issue. If the issue remains, move on and try the next solution.

Fix 4: Enable the touchpad in Basic Input Output System(BIOS)

The HP laptop touchpad not working issue can occur if the BIOS has disabled the touchpad. To enable touchpad from BIOS follow the steps below

Step 1: Restart your laptop and press Del, F2, or F8 keys continuously to open BIOS.

(These keys can vary depending on your device’s manufacturer.)

Step 2: Now locate Touchpad with the help of arrow keys on your keyboard and Enable it, if it is disabled.

Fix 5: Disconnect the External Mouse

If your HP laptop touchpad not working after connecting an external mouse, this external mouse can be the issue. However, all the laptops do not turn off the touchpad after connecting an external mouse but this can be the case with your laptop. To fix this, disconnect the mouse from USB if you are using a wired mouse, else disconnect the Bluetooth mouse and turn off your laptop’s Bluetooth. Now check if the touchpad works fine, else try the next solution.

Fix 6: Run the HP Diagnostic

If the above methods couldn’t fix the HP touchpad not working issue run your HP laptop’s Diagnostics to find and fix the problem. Test your laptop through the support page of HP. Diagnose the touchpad not working in HP laptop and find the exact solution for your device.

HP Laptop Touchpad not Working: FIXED

We hope the above methods helped you to fix issues with the HP touchpad not working. Many issues can be simply resolved with a driver update itself. So begin with it to avoid the extra time and effort, and then move down through the list of fixes. And as a simple method, use the Bit Driver Updater tool to automatically update all the system drivers.

If the above article helped you with the HP laptop touchpad not working leave your feedback in the comments below.

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