Ways to Fix Computer Won't Recognize Sd Card

11 Ways to Fix Computer Won’t Recognize SD Card {SOLVED}

Computer won’t recognize the SD card? Maybe inside out? Wrong brand? Not plugged in? Windows 10 issues? SD card wasn’t appropriately formatted? Whatever the case is, let’s fix it together. We’re here to help.

It’s not uncommon to come across a situation where you’re trying to transfer or swap files from your computer and your SD card, but it just won’t go. There are many problems related to a ‘computer won’t recognize an SD card’ problem. But the solution for this specific problem should be easy to understand, especially for the typical user.

The first thing you should know about this annoying situation is it’s not hard to fix on your own, and the hard part is justifying the cost to your company for repair. Whether your company decides to spend a few hundred dollars to fix the issue or invest in a new computer, this post is a good resource for solving this issue.

Reasons for ‘Computer Won’t Recognize SD Card’ Problems:

A computer won’t read your SD card for many reasons. Some of the reasons are outlined below:

  • Your SD card has been physically broken.
  • The computer won’t recognize the SD card because of the card reader or USB port failure.
  • Virus-infected systems can also cause your computer won’t recognize the SD card.
  • A corrupt SD card is another leading reason on the list.
  • SD card drivers for write-protected can harm your PC and not let it work as usual.
  • Drivers of SD cards have not been updated.

Ergo we need fixes to not to face the above reasons again. Also, that we can utilize the SD fully without any corruption, let us dive into this piece of article to get through if your computer won’t recognize the SD card.

How to Fix SD Card does not Get Read on your Computer:

Let’s explore 11 different ways to fix a corrupted SD card so you can choose from various options when you notice any signs of corruption or damage.

1. Examine your SD Card First

if you think that the problem can occur right from your old SD card, you should first check whether your SD card is corrupted or crashed or has any issue while connecting. You can check for your SD card by clicking it on another PC. If your SD card is not reading even on another PC, you must change it. There are two significant ways to check for it:

  • Attach the SD card to a different computer.
  • Replace the SD card reader or the SD card USB converter with a new one.

You can check to verify if your computer recognizes your SD card. It’s not a damaged card if it works with the new SD card reader or the new computer. Your card reader is most likely broken.

If your SD card does not operate on another PC or in a different card reader, you have a problem with your SD card. Continue reading to discover better answers to this problem.

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2. Try using a Different USB Port if the Computer Won’t Recognize the SD Card

Attempt to access the card by swapping the ports or using a USB port on another computer. It could be a problem with the USB port. Some computers include two USB ports, one on the front and one on the rear.

See if this way of switching USBs can fix SD cards not detected.

3. Try using SD Card Data Recovery Software if the Computer Won’t Recognize the SD Card

try to use some of the best data recovery software to let it work on your system thoroughly and get you the SD card error not reading on your PC.

Critical documents may be lost if an SD card is corrupted or damaged. You can retrieve them using SD card data recovery software. EaseUS is the best data recovery software we recommend. You will get up to 500 MB of free space to use this tool and recover your lost files. This best photo recovery software has many user-friendly features to help you deal with your SD card’s issues.

4. Disable the SD Card’s Write Protection when the SD Card does not Read on your PC

You can fix the problem by noting “The SD card is write protected” when you try to add or modify a file on the external SD card. You won’t access, modify, duplicate, or save any files on your SD card if write protection is enabled.

5. Format your SD Card to Fix SD Card won’t Read Issues

Format the SD card if the computer won’t recognize the SD card. Not only will this resolve the ‘Computer won’t read your SD card ‘ issue, but it will also make the storage media recoverable.

To format an SD card on a computer, follow these steps:

  • Attach the SD card to the computer.
  • Turn On your PC.
  • Select Format from the Devices and drives menu by right-clicking on your SD card letter.
    Format An SD Card On A Computer
  • Click the File System box in the Format window and select three alternatives: NTFS, FAT32, or exFAT.
  • Tap on Start.
    Select File System For Format SD Card

To format an SD card on Android, follow these steps:

You can format your phone’s microSD card to resolve the SD card’s error on the phone.

  • Heading to the Settings menu
  • Go to the Storage area.
  • Select Format/ Erase SD card from the SD card drop-down menu.

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To format an SD card on Mac, follow these steps:

  • Connect your SD card to the Mac.
  • Start Finder.
    Open the Finder on Mac
  • Navigate to the Applications directory.
  • Double-click to enter Utility, then Disk Utility.
  • On the left panel, choose your SD card.
  • Erase is selected.
  • In the dialogue box, give the SD card a name.
  • Choose exFat from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Erase.
    Erase SD Card on Mac

6. Unrecognized SD Card Drive Letter Change to Fix SD Card can’t be Read

Whether your SD card is appropriately attached to the computer but does not display in File Explorer, check Disk Management to see if its drive letter has vanished. Fix SD card won’t read problem with the assistance of underneath steps:

  • Right-click on the Windows Start button.
  • Choose “Disk Management.”
    Choose Disk Management From The Menu Bar
  • Right-click the partition on the SD card and select “Change Drive Letter and Path…”
    Change Drive Letter and Path
  • To assign the drive letter to your SD card, click “Add” in the pop-up box.

7. To Fix the SD Card Error, run CHKDSK

Follow the steps below and get your SD card readability issue on your PC fixed:

  • Select “Manage” from the right-click menu on My Computer/This PC.
    Right Click On My Computer And Choose Manage
  • Select “Disk Management” from the drop-down menu.
  • In the disc viewer, locate the device and see if the computer can recognize your memory card.
    Locate The Drive On Disk Management

If it is not detected, proceed with the CHKDSK command and the procedures below.

  • Hold down the “Win+R” keys > Enter cmd into the command prompt.
  • Enter the command chkdsk g: / f.
  • Press the Enter key.
    CHKDSK command
  • This will automatically verify and correct any faults identified in your memory SD card, making it detectable once again.

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8. If your Computer won’t Recognize SD Card Update SD Card

In the Device Manager, you will get the SD card reader in a list. If there’s a yellow sign next to it, it’s most likely due to a driving issue. The driver must then be updated. Let us know how to do it:

  • Connect your SD card to your computer.
  • Head towards “Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Disk drivers
  • To refresh the drivers, locate the SD card and right-click it.
  • Choose “Uninstall” first.
  • Tap on “Scan for hardware changes.”
    Select Scan for Hardware Changes

9. Reinstall Card Drivers on your PC to Show SD Card on it

Through Windows Update, Windows automatically downloads and installs the latest drivers, but not all driver upgrades proceed as planned. You should manually reinstall your SD card if you feel it misbehaves due to a bad driver update. Now fix SD card not detected Go with the guideline below to reinstall card drivers:

  • In the search box, type Device Manager.
    Type Device Manager on Start Menu
  • Look through the many categories for your SD card.
  • Right-click the SD card, then select Update driver.
  • Select Search automatically for updated driver software.
    Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software
  • Choose Update Driver.

10. Try Fixing SD Card/USB Drive by Windows Repair Tool

A graphical application for inspecting discs for file system issues is already included in Windows. This program is known as Windows Repair Tool, and it is occasionally launched automatically by Windows when you introduce a damaged disc. The instructions given below will help you to fix the “computer won’t recognize SD card” problem:

  • Select This PC by typing “this PC” into the search box.
  • Select Properties by right-clicking on your SD card.
    Choose Properties By Right Click On SD Drive
  • Tap on Tool and Choose ‘Check.’
    Check Error of SD Card
  • Select Scan and Repair Drive.
    Scan and Repair Drive
  • Choose Repair It Now.
  • Restart your PC.

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11. Format a RAW SD Card to FAT32 to Fix “computer won’t recognize SD card”

Now you can set SD card not detected on your computer easily. Experts refer to SD cards as RAW, and most operating systems will not recognize them as a storage device or enable you to write anything to them.

Because there should be no data on a RAW SD card, formatting it to FAT32 is a pretty secure procedure. Just make sure you choose RAW SD rather than another storage device.

To Format a RAW SD card, follow the guide below:

  • Plug your PC into the SD card.
  • In the taskbar’s search box, type “cmd” and choose Run as administrator.
    Type cmd from Start Menu and Choose Run as Administrator
  • Type diskpart into your keyboard and hit Enter.
  • Press Enter after typing list volume.
  • After typing determines volume, ‘The number corresponding to the RAW SD card,’ Press Enter.
  • Hit Enter after typing format fs=fat32.
    Type format fs=fat32 on command prompt

Wrapping Up: There are many reasons for your SD card getting damaged or, let us say, corrupted. The wise thing is to find it on time and act accordingly. In the above guide, we have drawn 11 top fixes for your ‘computer won’t recognize SD card’ issue. We would advise you to use Data recovery Software that is EaseUS to recover your lost SD card Data.

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