What is Clickbait - Meaning and Examples

What is Clickbait – Meaning and Examples

You won’t believe what this student did… This is something you will actively see on the internet with clickbait. Check out the complete article and know everything there is about the meaning of clickbait, clickbait examples, and other details related to the concept for better knowledge. 

The Internet is one of the most important aspects of the life of every individual in this modern age of technology. The internet is of great use and eases the task of every individual. However, the internet has both bright and dark sides. You can either embrace the bright side and get the best from the internet or fall victim to the dark side for the worst.

One of the best ways to get the best from the internet is to promote your business, blog, or any other product or service. This way, you can easily get the attention of more and more users to earn more. One such way to promote is Clickbait. You can also use the technique in your business for the best and quick results. But, before you go and employ the services, let’s know more about the concept.

What Does Clickbait Mean?

If you want to know the meaning of clickbait, then the definition is quite simple. Clickbait is to attract potential users and motivate them to click and visit a specific link. This is used by the creators and promoters on the internet to grab the attention of the users surfing around.

Generally, the content provided via clickbait is un-harmful and safe. However, some creators use the technique to promote fallacious services. Sometimes, some creators even use clickbait to force you to click on unwanted websites and then attack the system via spam, virus, ransomware, or some other digital threat.

Apart from this, sometimes the creators of clickbait also use the technique to play with the sentiments of the viewer. While at other times, the purpose is to promote and spread fake news for the good of a particular group or individual.

So, now you understand that the concept is under circulation and used by all the creators for both good and bad purposes. Before you visit any clickbait, our only suggestion is that you do not download anything from the website unless trustworthy. Additionally, if the website redirects you to third-party websites and ad portals, then you should close the website and continue as you may.

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Why Do Creators and Publishers Use Clickbait?

You may not know this, but over 95% of the users online, visit a website, not because of the content, but because of its catchy headline and headings. Hence, to get the advantage of this habit of the users, the concept of clickbait was introduced. As stated earlier, the basic purpose of clickbait is to make you click.

With the help of clickbait, any promoter can easily get the required attention of the user for your product or service. This allows you to generate organic leads for your business and promote the same easily.

The users using the internet are always in a hurry. We like to surf and wander around pointlessly. But when we come across something worth our time and attention, we tend to visit the link and explore further. This habit, most of the time, works in the favor of the creator and promoter. If you make your content so alluring that the users can’t hold back, you can easily get the desired result quickly.

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What are Different Kinds of Clickbait Examples?

The Internet is a vast concept that covers much more than just websites. You can access ads, videos, and much more using the internet. Hence, there is more than just one type of clickbait. You will find clickbait on YouTube, Facebook, Websites, Ads, and various other spaces.  Let’s have a look at the clickbait examples below on different portals and types for better understanding.

YouTube Clickbait Examples

Below are some of the best and the most common youtube clickbait examples you will ever find while surfing YouTube on your smartphone, PC, or any other device.

Void or Unhelpful YouTube Clickbait Examples

These are the most common and widely used youtube clickbait. These are generally void and do not contain any content that you can “never believe”.

  • You Will Not Believe What Happened After(Ex. Baby touching shark teeth)
  • Impossible Animal Interactions and Fights (Ex. A rabbit fighting and killing an anaconda)
  • Hidden Character(s) in Shows/Movies that You Probably Missed(Barack Obama in Avatar)
  • See the Video Know How to Earn Without any Effort From Your Home

Helpful YouTube Clickbait Examples

These are other forms of helpful YouTube clickbait examples that either solve a common problem or help in other ways.

  • Cleaning your shoes was never this easy.
  • A single combination of keys can improve your PC speed.
  • Healthy diet for better digestion

Although some users may use either of the above categories of YouTube clickbait examples for promotion. You will be the judge of the accuracy and relevance of the content.

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Facebook Clickbait Examples

Facebook Clickbait is also a very popular technique to generate views for your page and website. Below are some of the best Facebook Clickbait examples for you.

  • Clean your entire house within minutes. Click here to know more.
  • How to earn extra using smart courses online.
  • This is what (some celebrity) is wearing.
  • Things you should know before purchasing a house.
  • This is how you can get rid of stress at home.

Above were only a few of the Facebook clickbait examples. A lot of innovative creators generate other and alluring headlines to make a user click.

Clickbait Ads Examples

Another popular form of clickbait is clickbait ads. As you visit some webpage or website, you may find ads on this page. These ads are a great and proven way to gain views for your website, products, or services. Below are some of the commonly seen clickbait ads examples:

  • You’ll not believe how this guy earned millions within minutes.
  • How can you clear your skin tone by using lemons only?
  • 10 reasons why honey is the best way to rejuvenate your skin.
  • Click here and see how to improve your PC’s speed 100X.
  • Amazing inventions that are beyond your imagination.

These are among the most common and frequently used ideas for clickbait websites examples.

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How to write better clickbait headlines?

Better clickbait headlines mean that you get more clicks and more visitors to your page. Hence you should always try to create and employ an attractive headline that has the potential to allure a user even if he/she is surfing around. After analyzing some clickbait examples, we have bright together a few pointers that can help you create a better and more effective clickbait headline:

  • BE AUTHENTIC! Nobody likes fake news and information.
  • The first thing you should ensure is that the headline is short and sweet. Additionally, you must try to include the brief of the data you are providing with the headline.
  • Secondly, try to derive a question in your headline. When you present the headline in a question form, the chances of users visiting the link increase as they tend to seek the answers.
  • Try using numbers, numbers show that the information is not a mere guess but a fact and can be trusted. Additionally, this may sound bizarre, but the odd-numbered have shown more responses as opposed to the even-numbered.
  • Try to put your sentiments in the hairline and use a negative thought. As the human tendency is to focus on the negative, the same can help you create viewers for you.
  • If possible, try to play around with a popular phrase or statement to connect with the users quickly.

Final Thoughts: Meaning of Clickbait and Its Use

Clickbait is indeed one of the best ways to get the required attention of the user towards your page, product, or service. A lot of businesses and individuals are using this technique to get better results. If you have a look at the examples of clickbait news articles, you will find a common pattern.  All the clickbait examples show that users respond positively to genuine and alluring headlines. Hence, you should also use the same in your clickbait.

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