10 Best Video-On-Demand Platforms To Look For In 2023

As the attention span of humans shrinks, the mediums of consuming content also change. Video as a medium has taken the internet by storm. It seems now there is no turning back from consuming content in video formats.

Be it short social media videos or movies; video content is everywhere. By 2028, video streaming is expected to rise to a CAGR of 21% or nearly $223.98 billion. So, if you’re looking for a reliable video-on-demand (VOD) platform, you’ve come to the right place.

As the boom of video content grows, creators become more insecure about their content. That’s where VOD platforms come into the picture for their rescue. Video-on-demand platforms provide third-party services to content creators to host and stream their shows or movies. So, their main task is to serve the content and ensure that the audience can enjoy their favorite content without any glitches.

Want to get started with the best VOD platform for your business? This article will help you analyze the current top players. Before we dive into the list of VOD platforms, let’s first understand what a VOD platform is.

What is a VOD Platform?

Many people do not know what VOD stands for. It is an acronym for video-on-demand platforms that are getting popular with the growth of video content consumption. These social media platforms allow people to watch videos anytime and anywhere. It simply means audiences do not have to wait for the real-time broadcast of their favorite show or movie.

They act like online video libraries that enable you to see, pick, and watch series, movies, documentaries, and more. Therefore, they present pre-created videos. However, people can even turn their live streams into video content using VOD platforms.

Moreover, unlike traditional cable broadcasting, these platforms need an internet connection to stream videos. This is why they fall into the category of OTT (over the internet) streaming services. A few popular video-on-demand platforms delivering streaming services are-

List of The Best VOD Platforms

Every video-on-demand platform has its specific set of features. Therefore, to choose the most suitable one for your business, you need to scrutinize the pros and cons of some shortlisted platforms. Here, we have curated a list of the top 10 VOD platforms. So, stick with us till the end to ensure you explore them all!

1- VPlayed- One of the best VOD platforms for a global audience

VPlayed VPlayed is one of the most progressive streamlining platforms you can find for your business. It is highly reliable, flexible, compatible, as well as customizable. The platform offers end-to-end encrypted business objectives features, multiple monetization models, and strong security features.

The HLS player comes with multi-bitrate technology that paves the way for smooth video streaming and optimal content management strategies. This way, it improves audience engagement and ROI. Some of the most successful businesses rely on VPlayed to stream their content online across devices and versions.

Key features of VPlayed-

  • Strong DRM security and AES encryption
  • Cloud services or on-premise integration
  • Built-in video CMS platform for content library management
  • Several video monetization models
  • Customization for streaming channels
  • Files transcoding and cloud encoding at a switchable bitrate
  • Dynamic video player for smooth streaming
  • Marketing and analytics parameters

Visit – Vplayed

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2- YouTube- Most popular VOD Platform

Youtube All the people reading this must know about YouTube already. It is a globally acclaimed giant video content streaming platform. Though millions of creators already use the platform for video streaming, many are still aware of how this VOD platform works. Once a particular threshold of views and subscribers is reached, there are other ways to monetize videos, including ad revenue sharing and channel memberships. In addition, a portion of the membership cost is paid by a Premium user each time they see your material.

Key features of YouTube-

  • Premieres of videos, live streaming, and choices for private material.
  • Super stickers and conversations that your followers may purchase and use.
  • Access to the Creator Studio, which features comprehensive audience data.
  • You can get assistance from Creator Academy and YouTube NextUp to learn how to enhance your work.
  • Options for selling branded goods via your channel.
  • Possibilities for channel customization, including banners, profile images, and color schemes.

Visit – Youtube

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3- Dacast- A unified VOD platform.

Dacast Along with being a video-on-demand platform, Dacast also offers live streaming along with various other features. It is designed for all types of broadcasters, from schools, enterprises, and other official organizations. Even if they need live streaming for an announcement, rest assured that it will be high-quality.

In addition, it also performs extensive online video hosting solutions. It provides password protection, an integrated paywall, an analytics dashboard, and referrer restriction, among other features. Hence, you can fully control your content while uploading and embedding content on your website.

Key features of Dacast-

  • Industry-best video hosting
  • 24/7 tech support with all live chat, email, and plans.
  • Real-time messaging protocol ingests, streaming support, and playback.
  • Secure global content delivery
  • Video API access on premium plans
  • Player API access for 3rd party player integration
  • Low-latency HTML5 channels for video streaming
  • Multi-bitrate streaming
  • Real-time analytics

Visit – Dacast

4- Flowplayer- A top VOD platform for broadcasters

Flowplayer Flowplayer offers video streaming solutions that specifically focus on small businesses and large media houses. It runs various offices in Finland, Sweden, and United States. Initially launched in 2013, it became popular for its video monetization models and white-label streaming services.

All in all, it is an easy-to-access platform that could be the best option for businesses. Flowplayer serves all the necessary streaming services with a friendly user interface. It can efficiently help generate revenue through your content.

Key features of Flowplayer-

  • Live streaming capabilities without lagging user needs.
  • High-quality video player for smooth streaming across all devices.
  • Other various possibilities for streaming modes, along with live streaming and VOD hosting.
  • Easy integration and excellent monetizing solutions
  • Real-time video analytics that can measure user behavior and improvise the marketing success

Visit – Flowplayer

5- Vidyard- A comprehensive VOD platform.

Vidyard For hosting online videos on a wide scale, it is one of the finest video-on-demand platforms. You can manage and host your videos online properly with Vidyard. The platform offers unrivaled player customer support, connectivity, and other features to increase the likelihood that video hosting is used in business communications, brand marketing, and sales.

Every business may benefit from Vidyard, a world-class online video platform that will boost leads, delight & entertain clients, and speed up your pipeline. It is a video solution designed specifically for online virtual reality selling videos, and it’s quite simple to produce and deliver videos with a unique flair.

Key features of Vidyard-

  • Allows screen recording for up to a maximum of 1 hour
  • Ad-free and high-quality streaming with a GIF preview option
  • Detailed analytics
  • Enables content hosting with embedded links
  • Offers personalization and customization
  • All round control over your content
  • Keep your content at one central hub for easy access
  • Marketing tools integrations to evaluate the success

Visit – Vidyard

6- Wowza- A reliable video-on-demand solution

Wowza It’s among the senior online video hosting platforms particularly focused on video game streaming. Though a few plans of this platform are costly, it is still popular for its budget-friendly options. Wowza can smoothly host videos on demand and live-stream videos. It’s a good video streaming solution for broadcasters with diverse ranges of budgets.

Key features of Wowza-

  • Video content management
  • Strong security features
  • Supports high-definition streaming
  • Simulcasting capabilities
  • Video API

Visit – Wowza

7- IBM Video Streaming- An AI-driven VOD platform 

IBM Video Streaming With powerful VOD software, the IBM streaming solution uses AI-driven technologies for content management, live streaming, interactive communication, and much more. You can improve your entrepreneurial business discussions with IBM’s cloud solutions for live stream events, product debuts, and more.

IBM enables flexible streaming across devices and platform management and monetization. It is especially suitable for companies that work with content creators, enterprise solutions, and SaaS providers.

Key features of the IBM video streaming solution

  • Total user control and complete customization for API access
  • Streaming performance is improved using a leading CDN architecture.
  • Channels with password protection to ensure limited access
  • Broadcasting solution for multicasting live streams in the cloud that is scalable
  • For clickable video relays, there is a live call to action in the video player.

Visit – IBM Video Streaming

8- Brightcove- One of the best VOD platforms for large-scale businesses.

Brightcove In 2004, Brightcove was established. It is one of the first systems for online video services that offers cloud encoding, video-on-demand hosting, and live streaming. It provides potent solutions in packages with individual prices.

Users praise the Brightcove platform as being simple to use and stable. The platform has crucial capabilities, including batch uploading and streamlined administration of huge content libraries. Additionally, the business supports almost all online video revenue models.

Key features of Brightcove

  • Distributed cloud support to improve live streaming
  • Advertising to monetize popular networks’ video content.
  • Technology-based security for better video communication
  • Analytical reports can be used to monitor user interest and interaction.
  • Integration of social media for videos ranks

Visit – Brightcove

9- Vimeo- A super easy video-on-demand service provider 

Vimeo This video streaming platform enables content producers and creators to produce material quickly and attractively present their works of art. The platform was the first to enable HD video. Any audience that needs to be catered to can meet their viewing demands through Vimeo. Later, they bought out businesses like VHX, Magisto, and Livestream. Right now, Vimeo has been selected as the viewing location for any kind of video you want to share.

Key features of Vimeo-

  • Vimeo’s top CMS makes managing and storing content simple.
  • Creative professionals can produce anything with a player without ads.
  • Live feeds are presented in 4K Ultra HD with excellent quality and fluidity.
  • Global audience post-production and support are made seamless.
  • Options for privacy can help you keep your stuff secure.

Visit – Vimeo

10- JW Player- A simple VOD platform

JW Player If you’re looking for an end-to-end video-on-demand solution to support, control, and distribute videos efficiently, then JW Player can be the right choice. The platform is equipped with multi-CDN network POPs that ensure the appropriate distribution for every area. It is even quite popular globally because of its robust CDN network. It can create engaging video content in real-time using a smart suggestive engine.

Key features of JW Player-

  • Effortless video-on-demand and streaming services
  • Effective cloud-based content management platform
  • Permits extensive HD streaming up to 1080p
  • Easy customization of video galleries
  • Support for monetization through marketing
  • Adaptive and multi-bitrate streaming for high-quality output and zero interruptions

Visit – JWplayer

Closing Thoughts Regarding The Best VOD Platforms

Now, you do not have to look far for a suitable VOD platform that helps you present your content globally. Irrespective of your streaming purposes, requirements, and audience size, we hope you will be able to make a more informed decision after learning about these top video streaming platforms. Whether you’re a broadcaster or a content creator, selecting the right platform is pivotal to boosting your business.

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