Best Private Search Engines in 2022 | Search Engines That Don't Track

Best Private Search Engines in 2022 | Search Engines That Don’t Track

In this comprehensive guide, you will find the top anonymous and best private search engines, unfiltered and independent, that do not track your device or store your information and, all-in-all, are the best search engine for privacy in 2022. 

Browsers are quite an important part of every Windows, Mac, and device with other operating systems. Using these browsing tools, you can easily surf the internet and look up the desired information, websites, and much more. Hence, the importance of browsers for surfing the internet and doing everything else in this digital world is not shunnable.

You may know that to search for information using the browser, you need a proper search engine. This search engine defines your search results. There are numerous search engines to surf the internet. These may or may not provide the same search result for your keywords.

Just like any other thing on the internet, all of these search engines are not safe to use. Some gather your personal information while others track your locations. There are even more tools that do both and breach your privacy in numerous other ways. However, there are some secure search engines as well.

If you are looking for an unfiltered search engine, then we may be able to help you. In the upcoming sections of this write-up, you will find some of the best private search engines in 2022 that protect your privacy and do not breach the same in any way. Keep reading the article to get detailed information about such search engines.

What are the Top Anonymous and Best Private Search Engines for Windows?

Have a look at the products listed below and find the best private search engines for Windows that suit your needs perfectly. Use the search engine and protect your privacy from security breaches.

1. seraX


Let’s start this list of the best private search engines with searX. This is an advanced tool that provides search results according to different periods like last day, last week, last month, and more. The tool is open-sourced and hence, you can modify it as you want easily.

The features of this anonymous search engine include the ability to be customized and modified according to the users’ needs. The engine maintains total user privacy in all cases and is unaffected by influence. The interface of the tool is quite straightforward for beginners.

Visit searX Here

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2. DuckDuckGo


DuckDuckGo is the most popular among the best private search engines. With the help of the tool, you can get search results from different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The tool is completely anonymous and safe as it does not even store browser history.

You can modify the DuckDuckGo search engines unfiltered and save the settings in the cloud. Additionally, you can also filter the search results according to different regions. The privacy policy of this search engine is quite transparent and straight. You can also download the iOS and Android apps of the platform if required.

Visit DuckDuckGo Here

3. Startpage


The next one of the best private search engines is Startpage. Just like the above-mentioned engines, this one also protects your privacy. The interface of the engine is similar to that of Google but better. It does not track any kind of data or location of the users.

You can easily customize the interface of this independent and best search engine for privacy. Additionally, the search engine also has no filter bubbles for smooth surfing. The search engine does not share or sell user information to anyone and maintains anonymity.

What is the safest search engine? Startpage is the perfect answer to this question.

Visit Startpage Here

4. Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search is one of the best private search engines for you if you want a tool with multiple search results. The tool provides you with search results from different engines including DuckDuckGo, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. The tool does not track your data online.

Moreover, you can easily ask any queries with the tool anonymously as this is one of those secret search engines that maintain your anonymity at all costs. You will also get the search result as per the main search engines it has taken the results from.

Visit Disconnect Search Here

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5. Qwant


Qwant is one of the great privacy maintenance tools. Why this is amongst the best private search engines is because of its smart features. The tool has a separate section to play music. Additionally, you can also use the children’s section. This section will provide kid-friendly search results to help the worrisome parents.

Using this private search browser and the safest search engine, you can easily categorize the search results as per your requirements. Although the tool divides the results into three sections (news, web, and social media), it is customizable.

Visit Qwant Here

6. MetaGer


Although we are approaching the end of this list of the top 8 best private search engines but still have a banger named MetaGer. The best feature of this tool is that it converts simple searches into respective anonymous queries. Moreover, the proxy feature of the tool will also protect your IP address from exposure.

MetaGer is the most private search engine that works according to your contributions. The users can provide suggestions and more to the developers to get the desired product interface quickly.

Visit MetaGer Here

7. Swisscows


Swisscows is one of the best private search engines that offer family-friendly search results. This means that even the kids can use the tool to get filtered and non-toxic results for the searches. The tool does not work with the cloud networks and provides the best results in the family area.

You can easily integrate this product with the browsers. Hence Swisscows is a worthy name in this free private search engines list. The tool allows you to change the language of the interface for a better experience.

Visit Swisscows Here

8. Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt

The last name on this list of the best private search engines is the Search Encrypt tool. With the help of this search engine, you can get encrypted results that maintain your safety and privacy. What users love the most about the tool is its options for Security and Encryption.

Before providing you with the search results, the unblocked and hidden search engine firstly collects your search results and then provides a locked and protected result back to you. However, you may find sponsored ads on the platform.

Visit Search Encrypt Here

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Anonymous and Best Private Search Engines: Listed

You were looking for the best private search engines and we listed the same above. We hope that these search engines will allow you to search for your queries with any unfiltered search engine in 2022. If you use these tools, you have nothing to worry about the breach of privacy and security.

These private and secure search engines will keep your personal information with you only. All of these do not share or sell the data and some may even not collect your personal information for better protection. If you have any questions or suggestions for the best private search engines, we are all ears. Use the comments section provided below for you and ask or comment anything you want, as you want.

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