Best Photo Collage App For Birthday

Best Photo Collage App For Birthday For Android And iOS

Introduction – Posting pictures, collages, and videos of friends and family is the new way of wishing them birthdays. These have replaced the traditional custom of giving birthday cards. People actively look for innovative & best photo collage apps and free face swap apps for birthdays to create something special for their dear and loved ones on their birthday.

Several birthday collage apps have been developed for Android and iOS devices that offer unique features and creative editing tools to help users make beautiful birthday collages. In this article, we’ve discussed in detail some of the best photo collage apps for birthdays, the particular features each application offers, and the rating they’ve received from the users. Read till the end to learn more!

List Of Best Photo Collage App For Birthday

Following is the list of the best happy birthday collage maker that one can use to create beautiful and fun collages for birthdays or other special occasions.  Different photo collage apps for birthdays have varying features. For example, some have more variety of layouts, and others have great filters. However, all these birthday collage apps are expected to be unique in their ways.

1. Canva

Canva Canva is the best photo collage app for birthdays, available for both Android and iOS devices. If one intends to produce high-quality birthday collages, this happy birthday collage maker provides all the necessary tools to make one.  The Canva photo collage app for birthdays is straightforward to use. The user interface of the application is convenient and easy to navigate. In addition, the sections in the birthday collage app are clearly defined and procedural, making it easy to create a fantastic collage for birthdays with flare.

Besides, Canva has some of the most unique and creative templates, music, filters, and other features for creating a photo collage for birthdays. Also, the application has a rich collection of social media posting options, such as Facebook Post or Banners and Instagram Post or Stories.  The free birthday collage maker enables the modification of image dimensions according to the requirements of popular media platforms. In addition, many layout options are available corresponding to the website or the sharing medium you choose.

Users have given Canva a 4.5 rating for its high-grade collages, adjustable templates, user-friendly interface, and image dimension alteration feature. For these reasons, it is one of the best photo collage apps for birthdays.

Download: iOS | Android

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MOLDIV MOLDIV is one of the best free birthday collage makers to create beautiful posts for sharing on social media platforms. The application offers features such as free birthday collage templates, unique filters, and creative photo editing tools, making MOLDIV a great birthday collage maker. What adds to this photo collage app for birthdays is the extensive collection of various collage layouts, with more than 300 options to choose from. After choosing a design of your liking, the app would direct you to select the images to upload in the photo collage for your birthday.

When you’re done filling the template with the pictures, you can move further to access the editing tools like adjusting the saturation, contrast, exposure, highlights, and sharpness of the collage. Moreover, there are various filters the user can explore for their photo collage for birthday.  Apart from the usual filters, there’s also an option for the user to choose creative background patterns and the color of their birthday collage layout. Furthermore, there are many additional elements like different text fonts, stickers, and emojis that one can add to the photo collage for a birthday and beautify it further.

Users have given MOLDIV an overall rating of 4.6 stars because of the various features this birthday collage app offers.

Download: iOS | Android

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3. Layout by Instagram

Layout by Instagram Layout by Instagram is the best free birthday collage maker available for users on both iOS and Android users. The application is straightforward to use and one of the most user-friendly birthday collage apps.  The application doesn’t offer any special features compared to the other online collage maker free for birthdays. Once you open the app, all that is required is to select the photos to fill the birthday collage layout. Afterward, the chosen images would appear in the available layout options.

You can also rearrange the default layout per your liking by switching or sliding the photos around. In this birthday collage app, you’ll find three icons at the bottom of the screen that would enable you to edit your collage to some extent. The birthday collage app features include Replace, Mirror, and Flip.  The Replace feature changes any image in the collage, while the Mirror and Flip options are used to reorder the pictures. If one wishes to format the size of the frames, they can do so by tapping the blue handles around the selected image frame and maxing in or out.

Besides that, you can also try another frame and select the Borders option to look for a new layout. Finally, you can save the file and share the birthday collage directly on Instagram when done editing. Users have given this photo collage app for their birthday a rating of 4.4 stars.

Download: iOS | Android

4. Pic Stitch 

Pic Stitch Pic Stitch is different from the other birthday collage apps since it enables you to add video clips to your layouts. In addition, there is also the provision to add music to the birthday collage from the options provided in the application.

The application can also be used to create regular birthday collages with filters and stickers, as offered in other photo collage apps for birthdays. Besides the unique features of adding a video and music to the collage, the app provides simple borders, templates, and other editing options too.

Combining unique editing features with a user-friendly interface makes Pic Stitch the best photo collage app for birthdays. Users’ can simply use its video function by dropping a short clip into one of the frames. After the video is in place, an editor would pop up to let you trim or crop the video clip if you’d want.

Besides the provision of trimming or cropping the video, there’s also an option to adjust the video’s orientation and alter the clip’s speed. In addition, one can add filters to modify and bring out the colors of the birthday collage. After all the editing and changes, press ‘Done,’ and your birthday picture or video collage will be ready to download. Users’ have given this birthday collage app a rating of 3.6 stars because of specific issues regarding advertisements and subscription fees. Pic Stitch is a free birthday collage maker with ads and in-app purchases.

However, users can upgrade to the premium version with either monthly or yearly subscription options.

Download: iOS | Android

5. PicsArt 

PicsArt PicsArt is another excellent happy birthday collage maker and photo editor application. It enables users to create trendy and unique photo collages and share them on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

The application offers different templates for different purposes. For example, there are more fun templates for social media and professional ones for business purposes. In addition, the features in this birthday collage app allow you to select up to ten images at a time to put in a freestyle or photo grid birthday collage.

Besides, the photo collage app for birthdays also offers frames for scrapbook layouts covering other memorable celebrations and holidays. PicsArt is an excellent choice for photo collages for birthdays that offers advanced photo editing options that one can try out for free.

However, these are only available for a trial period of seven days.  Users have rated PicsArt with 4.2 stars because of the unique editing options that this birthday collage app offers.

Download: iOS | Android

6. PhotoGrid 

photogrid PhotoGrid is another fun photo collage app for birthdays that you can use to make cute and attractive photo collages for birthdays. This collage maker has several collage template options that also allow you to choose the aspect ratio of the template.

For instance, one can choose a 1:1 or 4:5 ratio to create a collage for Instagram or try the regular 4:3 or 5:7 ratios for conventional-sized prints. After selecting the preferred template aspect ratio, one can fill the panels or girds with photos and use plain stickers or colors to make the borders of the photo collage for birthday attractive.

The scrapbook feature of this birthday collage app is what distinguishes the PhotoGrid app from the rest of its kind. It offers the provision to add backgrounds, stickers, and even type text. The scrapbook operates in the same manner as the grid layouts. One can insert the photos into the frames as in a regular photo collage and also change the background, experimenting with different shapes for structures like stares and triangles.

Users have given 4.9 stars to this photo collage app for birthdays. It is one of the best free birthday collage makers with other additional features in-app purchases.

Download: iOS | Android

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7. Pic Collage

Pic Collage Pic Collage is ideal if you’re new to creating photo collages for birthdays. With helpful on-screen instructions, this birthday collage maker shows you how to make a collage and what steps to follow. In addition, you’ll know where to add photos and how to edit them with visual illustrations and arrows.  The user interface of Pic Collage is also very appealing. The icons in the birthday collage app are also brightly colored and clearly labeled, pointing out the purpose of the tools. In addition, the entire application is simple and easy to navigate.

Pic Collage has a freestyle feature in addition to grid layouts. It allows you to arrange the frames however you want. Users can also try their templates to spruce up their social media accounts.  Numerous color options and entertaining graphic designs enhance the photo collage for a birthday. The template selection could depend on your chosen theme, image size, and the number of photos you want to use.  You can personalize the look of your birthday collage by adding text and even creating custom backgrounds. Pic Collage also allows you to personalize your creations with stickers. These incredible features will provide you with all the collage-making options you’ll ever require.  Users have given Pic Collage, a unique happy birthday collage maker, a rating of 4.5 stars because of its unique templates and cute stickers.

Download: iOS | Android

8. Ribbet

Ribbet Ribbet is the last birthday collage app on this list. It is a photo editing app with collage templates for every occasion. In addition, this photo collage app for birthday includes various tools for creating the ideal photo collage. Users can customize the templates and pictures by adding special effects, frames, or text. In addition, the birthday collage maker interface has a nice visual layout that shows layout options such as ‘One Big Photo’ and ‘Jigsaw.’  Ribbet birthday collage maker includes a free version with limited functionality. However, one can also upgrade to the Premium version to access all effects, fonts, tools, and other features. The app’s premium version includes professional editing tools such as Clone, Curves, Dodging, and Burning, enabling users to fix flaws in their photos before assembling them into a photo collage for a birthday.  Users have rated this application 4.0 stars because of its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features.

Download: iOS | Android


Choose any one of the birthday collage apps mentioned above and create your unique birthday collages. You can use the various editing features offered by these photo collage apps for birthdays and utilize the special tools to make something different.  While some happy birthday collage makers only enable you to create picture collages, others allow you to add videos and music to your collage. Moreover, while some are online collage makers for birthdays, others are free birthday collage makers.  Therefore, one may choose a birthday collage app based on their requirements and preferences to create a photo collage for a birthday.

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