10 Best EV Charging Apps to Find EV Charging Stations (Android and iOS) in 2022

10 Best EV Charging Apps to Find EV Charging Stations (Android and iOS) in 2023

Environmental concerns have paid heed to the advancement of electric vehicles. As technology progresses, the popularity and adoption rates of e-vehicles are rising. Naturally, the need for the best EV charger apps is also growing with this development.

If we take a broader look, it is both sustainable and affordable to ditch skyrocketing petrol prices and switch to electric vehicles. Besides, there are several more advantages to using them. However, the most prominent concern about using electric vehicles is finding an appropriate charging station. Some EV charging stations apps can help you recharge your vehicle as you used to refuel your petrol vehicles.

This article lists such apps that assist you in charging your e-vehicles quickly. These best EV charging station apps will help you to find nearby stations where ever you go. Though there are plenty of such apps available, we will discuss the top ones.

The global electric car charging stations market is anticipated to rise to $5.40 billion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.1%, according to Statistics Report. With a CAGR of 34.9%, the market is now anticipated to reach $17.85 billion in 2026. In light of these facts, let us look at the best EV charger apps.

List of EV Charging Stations Applications

The below-given list considers crucial factors such as user-friendliness, convenience, and flexibility in suggesting you the best EV charging apps available for drivers today.

1. PlugShare –

EV drivers may look for charging stations, connect, and post feedback using the free PlugShare app. Among the most well-known EV charging station locator apps, PlugShare has more than 300K active users and a database of over 140K EV charging stations spread across Canada and the USA. PlugShare PlugShare offers multiple useful features, positioning it among the best EV charger apps. For example, EV drivers can use the application at compatible charging stations to safely pay for charging services. In addition, you can use this app to look for the most suitable charging stations and see if they are available, thanks to user ratings and real-time updates.

To help the PlugShare community with those long travels between charging stations, some drivers can offer information about their residential charging stations on public charging stations. Additionally, the PlugShare Trip Planner assists EV drivers in planning their routes, so if they are getting ready for a road trip, they may keep dependably charged during the drive.

Download – PlugShare

2. EVGo –

One of the best EV charger apps is EVGo. You simply need to pay $10 to use this app. It supports both iOS and Android devices, so more than 34 states in the USA are served by its services. In addition, it gives you details on the over 1,000 DC stations that can recharge your EV just within an hour. EVGo EVGo offers route directions with real-time updates on an easy-to-use interface. What’s more? It comes with live customer service to assist you with the next refilling station. This way, it can cut your waiting time at the charging station. Want the extensive services of this app for electric charging stations? Subscribe to the premium version now!

Download – EVGo

3. ChargeHub –

One of the best EV charger apps in terms of convenience is ChargeHub. You can use the platform directly from your web browser or download the app to find charging stations. It is also reliable for long-distance road trips in an EV.  ChargeHub EV drivers may read reviews, monitor the availability of charging stations in real-time, and communicate with other users regarding access to private home charging stations using ChargeHub, which has more than 100,000 users.

Users can make unique profiles to keep current with new charging stations in their neighborhood. Then, they can store filtered searches for rapid access to the most pertinent EV charging choices. Users may also rate stations, submit images, and post comments on this EV charging station app’s interactive map to provide comprehensive information on the experience of various charging stations.

Download – ChargeHub

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4. ChargePoint –

If you ask EV drivers about the best EV charger app, many will take ChargePoint’a name. Why? Its powerful categorization types over 10 thousand charging spots it has set up. Yes, this application enables you to filter prices, types of chargers, and many more components using real-time mapping.  ChargePoint ChargePoint helps users track the stations’ availability and current condition and allows them to enroll on the waitlist. Moreover, its Auto Top-off feature assists busy users who constantly change routes.

Download – ChargePoint

5. EV Hotels –

It’s an EV charging stations app that helps drivers find a place to charge and lodge their vehicles. With this distinct feature, EV Hotels save the time and effort of EV drivers. It also directs them in finding the best hotel options according to their preferences to simplify their travel journey.

EV Hotels

What’s more? The app consists of a dynamic legend tool that drivers can use to locate and reserve hotels with EV charging stations. It basically lets the driver know about the distance and EV charging facilities of hotels near them.

The app has collaborated with over 170 international hotel brands where users can customize their hotel preferences, making it one of the best EV charging station apps for travel and vacations.

Download – EV Hotels

6. Chargeway –

Looking for a simple yet excellent app for electric vehicle charging stations? Chargeway is here to help with your next trip planning. You need a way to know exactly where available chargers are along your path and if you have enough range to reach them, whether you’re on your commute or a few hundred-mile road trips; Chargeway can help you. Chargeway All you need to do is add your electric vehicle to the search to identify compatible chargers. Even while the app allows you to search for alternative charging stations, it will only display chargers compatible with your car. The Trip Planner feature, which allows you to enter your present position, destination, and the charge level of your car, is the best feature of this app for EV charging stations.

Another amazing feature of Chargeway is that it only displays the actively operating chargers compatible with your particular EV, saving your strolling around time.

Download – Chargeway

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7. Chargemap.com –

It exists for iOS and Android and is a pass-dependent app. The color coding for all of the different stations makes it easier for the drivers to recognize them. It is considered among the best EV charging station apps because it is also simple to use with navigation and user-submitted review photos. Chargemap Most users adore it for its excellent and simple user interface. Users can access their charging history, a consumption guide, and an automatic billing generator. Moreover, the Chargemap.com app offers customer service around-the-clock. In addition, the app is working to optimize its network compatibility.

Download – Chargemap

8. EV Connect –

It’s an EV charging station application with a highly sleek and intuitive interface that enables drivers to find nearby charging stations based on availability, location, accessibility, and provided power level.  EV Connect Additionally, using EV connect, EV drivers can easily start charging their vehicle by scanning a QR code and also receive notifications of charging completion via the mobile app or email id. The EV Connect app delivers robust customer support with a 24/7 service, making it a highly convenient app for unplanned road trips.

Download – EV Connect

9. Chargegrid –

Due to its myriad functions, this EV charging station app is preferred by many EV owners. Magenta Power introduced this application, which touted a sizable network of entirely automated electric vehicle charging stations.


One of the largest selections of EV charging stations is available through the ChargeGrid app. Users can use the Map or List modes to locate the closest charging station and can view the current availability status.

The software, which is solely available for Android, enables various payment options depending on the user’s preferences, such as net banking, eWallets, etc.

Download – ChargeGrid

10. My Green Car –

The last but one of the best EV charging station apps on this list is My Green Car. Similar to the other EV charging apps, you receive practically all of the capabilities, including car history, information, balance inquiries, and real-time charging updates.


They give you various charging choice information but don’t establish network compatibility. It is quickly rising to the top of the list among users who routinely drive EVs.

It incorporates RFID and QR code functionality to make finding EV charging outlets quick and simple. Additionally, you get access to customer service that is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions you may have.

Download – My Green Car

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Wrapping Up!

People are switching from gas and petrol vehicles to electric vehicles on a mass scale. Not only is it great for the environment, but it also saves money and useful resources in general. These 10 best EV charging stations apps are easy to download and use if you are or will be an EV owner. As per the use of your vehicle, you can choose the most suitable EV charging application. Do not forget to share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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