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15 Best Deepfake Apps And Websites 2022

Nowadays, it’s hard to trust what you see on the internet. Realistic false videos and photos make it even harder to differentiate between real and fake. Moreover, the technology that creates them is accessible to the public, known as deepfakes that many best deepfake apps and websites use these days.

Deepfake technology uses AI, Deep Learning, and a Generative Adversarial Network or GAN to build videos or images that appear real but are fake in reality. Regardless of its controversy, it has become a popular technology to manipulate an image or video as if it’s real.

Creating deceptive content doesn’t need a high skill level. Simply download the best deepfake apps for your mobile and get started. There are dozens of best deepfake apps and websites to help you create funny memes or highly deceptive content. In addition, these best deepfake websites and apps are easy to use so that you can edit photos, video, or audio without extra effort. Here we will help you understand everything you need to know about the best deepfake apps and websites and their threats. Thus, we have listed some best deepfake websites and apps used to make your own deepfake.

15 Best Deepfake Apps and Websites

We have included the 15 best deepfake apps and websites to make your own deep fake, keeping privacy, fun elements, and research use-case in mind. So, pick the best deepfake websites and apps according to your need and choice. So, let’s begin the list.

1. FaceApp

FaceApp - Face Editor

FaceApp is the world’s most popular face editor and deepfake creator app for Android and iPhone. It’s supported by artificial intelligence for smooth and seamless photo editing. While many users utilize this deepfake maker app for perfecting their selfies, you can also make significant changes to the image. For example, it allows you to change hair color, add a mustache or beard, and edit facial features.

With this best deepfake app, you can also see what you would look like in the future. On top of that, FaceApp deepfake generator app highlights a great video editor to apply filters to your video recordings. In addition, editing live-action videos with FaceApp deepfake video maker has never been this easy before!

2. Reface


Reface is an award-winning deepfake program designed to create a realistic deepfake video and image. Thanks to face morphing technology, it can morph your face so you can become a completely new personality.

Reface deepfake creator app is also featured with face swap technology, allowing you to swap your face with any other person. Nobody will know it’s a fake with smooth movement and convincing facial expressions. Reface has many additional features, such as a face changer and gender swap to make your own deepfake.

3. Wombo



Have you ever noticed an odd-looking selfie that can sing on social media? So, if you are wondering how people can be so creative in editing their selfies. Wombo is a great free deepfake app behind those hilarious and fun singing selfies. This lip-syncing deepfake maker app is powered by artificial intelligence technology to make your selfies sing. So, with a few simple steps, you can surprise your friends with a unique singing selfie. Using Wombo is very simple. Once you launch this deepfake generator app, you only have to add a selfie and pick a song to sing. So let the magic work and see how the Wombo deepfake program will transform your selfie into a quirky singing selfie.

4. MyHeritage



Animating faces in your old pictures is a brilliant idea to bring back your ancestry to life. MyHeritage introduces Deep Nostalgia, an incredible feature to make this happen. It is one of the best deepfake apps that utilizes AI technology to recreate beautiful moments and reconnect to your memories.

Using this free online deepfake maker app, you can build a family tree by entering numerous names. MyHeritage deepfake generator app has a smart matching technology that automatically finds data from its database. It has over 81 million family trees, some of which might be your relatives. Moreover, MyHeritage deepfake creator app allows you to transform black and white photos into colorful pictures with a colorizer feature. It also helps you solve a few other issues like faded colors and blurry faces. As the name suggests, this is a great photo editor to retain your heritage.

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5. Face Swap Booth


Face Swap Booth

If you enjoy swapping faces, this free deepfake app is surely for you. Face Swap Booth is one of the best deepfake apps and websites designed to change the looks of the faces across photos, providing you with quirky and unexpected results. Swap the faces of your friends, families, or even top celebrities with your photos. Featuring advanced editing tools, you have plenty of options to transform the images after swapping. And if you like it, you can save faces to use it on other photos.

This deepfake generator app is powered by an advanced face detector that automatically detects faces in the image. Of course, you’ll also like preloaded celebrity photos and faces to swap.

6. FaceMagic



FaceMagic is an AI-featured deepfake video maker app to change faces in any image, video, or GIF. You can get hilarious faces in seconds with a few simple steps. Simply upload a picture from your gallery and let FaceMagic do its deepfake magic.

In addition to face swap, it can do another magic. Pick a photo and do a little magic to make your photo dance. Or you might be interested in morphing your face or friend’s face into celebrities. In addition, gender swap is another great feature you shouldn’t lose out on. Using this feature, you can see your face in another gender.

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7. Jiggy


Jiggy is another best deepfake app to create fun, fake content on social media. This deepfake gif maker app works like magic. With the help of leading-edge technology, it animates still photos for stickers, GIFs, or videos. Then, use the unique and bizarre content to prank your friends or family.

Aside from a full-body swap, this free online deepfake maker app has many other features. For example, you’ll find more than 100 unique dances and GIFs to animate photos. If you are satisfied with your creation, you can share it with friends and enjoy the hilarity. On top of all, this deepfake program is quite easy to use. Simply add your photos, choose dance and let Jiggy do the rest.

8. Anyface


Anyface is one of the best deepfake apps and websites to surprise your friends with a new look. This deepfake creator tool is designed to animate your photos and make them alive in a single click. To do a deepfake magic, you’ll only need to choose an image, and that’s all. You’ll see a fresh, new face in just a few seconds.

This magical deepfake maker application is loaded with lots of fun features. For example, if animating photos isn’t enough for you, bring the images to life and make them talk. It has preloaded phrases which can be used to create talking pictures. As one of the best deepfake apps and websites, it also allows you to add beautiful filers to improve the image. Coming with a simple interface, Anyface could be a great deepfake maker app for everyone.

9. Deepfake Studio

Deepfake Studio

Deepfake Studio takes face swap to another level. When swapping faces between photos isn’t fun anymore, you have an option to swap the face of artists in a music video. Deepfake Studio features facesets that make this happen. Each faceset includes up to 500 images, which means you have unlimited possibilities for face swap. Things just get better since it enables you to make your own facesets.

Like many best deepfake apps and websites, this tool is powered by artificial intelligence technology that promises a smooth and seamless switch. Even if you have a low-res image, Deepfake Studio can increase its size for a realistic outcome.

10. Cupace


Cupace should be on your list of best deepfake apps and websites if you are more into basic copy-paste editing. This modest photo editor deepfake maker app with a simple design allows you to create memes and funny photos. How it works is quite simple. First, cut a face of an image and paste it into another one. That’s it!

For the best result, draw a path on a face before cutting. Use a magnifying glass if necessary to ensure your face is perfectly cut. You can also add text or stickers to improve the photos.

11. FaceLab Photo Editor


FaceLab is one of the best deepfake apps and websites with many features, including gender swap, aging app, and beard effect. In addition, FaceLab allows you to show a new look. For example, you can try an aging feature that makes you look younger or older. There’s also a gender swap that can be used to figure out how you’d look in another gender. The beard effect would be your favorite app to boost your masculinity.

12. Faces


Using this free deepfake app, you can create hilarious videos and gifs for any purpose, such as birthdays, New Year, or simply for fun. In addition, this deepfake gif maker app utilizes your selfie camera to take a photo, so ensure your front camera works well.

Faces combine your face and funny frames to create a fun and unique photo. It also has a large collection of hair, glasses, hats, and masks to improve pictures, gifs, or selfie videos. Then, with a few steps, you’ll be able to share your creation with friends. As one of the best deepfake apps and websites, Faces can do a live face swap. So switch faces with your friends, pets, or even celebrities and revel in a good time.

13. iface


Face swapping from your iPhone is getting easier with iface. Powered with AI technology, this free deepfake app lets you make creative videos in seconds. So whether you want to swap your face into a cool movie clip or prank your friends, this app has everything you need.

Moreover, you can share the creation on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat. Don’t forget to protect your privacy by editing video descriptions and tags.

14. FaceLab Old Face

FaceLab Old Face

FaceLab Old Face is worth the thought if you want to have fun with filters. This deepfake creator app has many features to improve your photos, including aging effect, gender change, and beard filter. You can also try face morph to reface yourself with cool filters and check before-after comparison. In addition, you have unlimited options to edit photos, so you’ll never lose interest in this best deepfake app.

15. SpeakPic


SpeakPic is one of the best deepfake apps and websites, with millions of downloads, and has everything you need to create deepfake content. Not only does it allow you to bring a photo to life, but it also lets you type any text. So whether you want to edit celebrity’s photos or yourself, SpeakPic has you covered.

This is the best deepfake app with a translator whose voice will make you laugh. In addition, it has dozens of narrator voices to choose from, allowing you to pick different effects. Luckily, the voices are available in multiple languages.

Conclusion A handful of best deepfake websites on the web offer Deepfake services. In the future, you will see many more of them. But, for now, with hours of research and testing, we have compiled this list of the best deepfake apps and websites. These services from these best deepfake websites offer handy tools and an impressive user interface. Furthermore, It doesn’t matter If you are a researcher, computer student, or a person who wants to prank your friend—you will find these best deepfake apps and websites helpful.

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