Best Day and Time to Send Email

Best Day and Time to Send Email: A Complete Guide 

Today, we are going to tell you about the best day and time to send emails in order to get higher open rates. For complete information, read further! If in case, your emails reached out when most of the people are busy with their work, your message will possibly be lost in an accumulation among numerous others that remain unopened. And, here all your email marketing strategies have gone to waste.

This scene is nothing but the biggest nightmare, especially for a marketer. Didn’t it? Of course! Without a shadow of a doubt, emails are the best approach to connect with your target audience, but the million-dollar question is – When is the right time to send emails?

As you may know, time has its own value. There is always a set time for certain works, which later on results in their progress. Likewise, sending emails on the best day and even at the right time is very much crucial for your email marketing.

Do you want your emails to have a significant impact? Then, you have to send them when most of your audience checks their inboxes. Don’t be surprised! You have heard right – maybe this concept is new to you, but correct timing can vastly affect your drive’s click-through and open rates.

In this write-up, we will discuss everything you should know regarding the very same.

Why Does Timing Matter for Email Marketing?

Timing matters a lot, particularly when you want your emails to have the expected influence. Let’s simply begin by stating that there are no such hard & fast rules when it comes to the correct time to send an email. It is all about the time that suits well for your precise audience.

Every marketing email is targeted toward distinct types of people with varying internet patterns. In simple terms, the right time to send out an email for your organization or company may not be the same as another company’s perfect time. According to recent email marketing research and analysis, after 24 hours of landing in an inbox, the open rates of that particular email drop to about 1%.

This indicates that if your audiences have not opened those emails within the very first day of receiving them, chances are that your subscribers will never open them in the future as well. Therefore, in order to improve the effectiveness and impact of your emails or overall email marketing strategy, there’s a need to send out them at the right time.

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What is the Best Time to Send Emails?

In this modern marketing realm, timing determines the failure or success of your crusade. An email shared at the correct time can transform your subscriber’s into lifelong clients, while an email sent at the incorrect time can maximize your rates of unsubscribers.

In order to decide the best time to send emails, you need to first ask yourself certain questions. The following are:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • What are their major problems?
  • How can your products solve their problems?

Do you have an idea that after sharing an email, the open rate falls to 8% after 4 hours?

As per thorough research and analysis were done by several organizations, it is advised to send your emails between 9:00 to 11:00 AM. This is only because most office hours start during this period of time. And, a vast majority of people tend to check their emails as their very first task in the office.


Source: Coschedule

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What is the Best Day to Send Emails?

Data examined from ten different analyses revealed that Tuesday reigns the leading day for sending marketing emails. Emails shared on Tuesday have the highest number of open rates, which eventually results in a way better CTR (Click Through Rate) and more elevated website traffic.

Apart from Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are also the best days to send a marketing email. These three days are best to receive maximum open rates. If you are prepared with your marketing emails, you could select any of these days to share your emails.

It is worth noting that regardless of the day you select, just be sure that you don’t overload your subscriber’s inboxes. If you do so, it will then result in making your audience irritated or disappointed.

In addition to this, we also suggest skipping Saturday & Sunday to send out emails. As people are often relaxing or taking good care of their personal lives on these two days. So, chances are, people won’t open their inboxes which reduces the open or CTR rates. Hence, Saturday and Sunday are considered the worst days to share marketing as well as other types of emails.

Furthermore, according to research done by different operatives, weekdays showed remarkably better and higher open rates as compared to weekends. You can also run a test called A/B to identify which is the best day for your organization i.e., Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, especially when it comes to earning maximum CTR or open rates for your emails.


Source: Coschedule

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Important Factors to Consider in Choosing a Time to Send Emails

We have discussed everything related to the best time to send an email. But, as we have mentioned earlier, the best time may vary based on your target audience and business. Below listed are several things that you should consider while selecting the right time to send emails:

  • Demographics and audience behaviour.
  • Services and products you want to promote.
  • Eye-catching subject lines.
  • Frequency of the emails.
  • Seasonal conversions.
  • Email should be designed user-friendly with easy-to-understand texts and stunning graphics.

Final Words on the Best Day and Time to Send Marketing Emails

That’s all! So, now that we have shared data from several sources or studies for the best time and day to send emails, you can quickly improve your open rates and click-through rates. We also know that it ultimately relies on the services you wish to promote and on your target audience.

Make sure that you try one or two options and find out the best day and time to send an email to your organization. We hope you find this guide very helpful. Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions, doubts, or further information regarding the same. Subscribe to our newsletter, for more informative guides. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Instagram.

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