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One of the most popular game genres across all gaming categories is now battle royale games, which enable you to dive right in and experience competitive play’s thrills. Over the past few years, Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, and numerous other new battle royale multiplayer games in 2022 have joined epics like PUBG and Fortnite, bringing the genre into the mainstream.

The recipe is simple: dozen to over a hundred people enter a map and compete to become the last player (or team) standing. Typically, game development companies make a game that progresses, and the safe area of the map shrinks, driving the players into direct conflict. In addition, many games have added their own twists to battle royale as it has grown, like magic spells, hero abilities, and the capability to revive fallen friends.

Best battle royale games naturally promote rivalry because you have to compete with other players to win and become the ultimate victor. There are still a lot of experiences to check out that play around with this concept, though. So continue reading to learn about our selection of the top 10 battle royale games available right now.

10 Best Battle Royale Games For PC

We’ve picked the list of battle royale games you can play right now, so you don’t have to worry about where to start if you’re a beginner or an experienced player looking for something new.

1. Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale has already amassed over 125 million gamers (and still counting) and has already cemented its place in popular culture. This free battle royale game has risen above the levels of recreational players to win over a wide range of people, including musicians, celebrities, politicians, and everyday people.


Up to 100 players battle it in this PvP free-to-play battle royale game in ever-shrinking arenas. You are allowed to play alone, with a partner, or in teams of a maximum of four people. In any case, you must remove or avoid other players while remaining inside a safe zone continually enlarging due to an approaching storm.

You can select where to land as your Combat Bus moves you throughout the game’s landscape (or spawn). So, naturally, a number of people jump right away, but a bunch of them get rapidly removed. So a smart move is to hold your fire a little while, look for an area that’s less occupied, and then start.

You’ll need to search the area for supplies and weaponry first because you have a single weapon (which is your pickaxe). Then, use your pickaxe to collect wood and create defensive fortifications on almost any object, including buildings, cars, trees, and rocks.

Visit – Fortnite 

2. Call of Duty: Warzone

It was just a matter of time before the Call of Duty series embraced the online battle royale game style. Its success is credited to its creator, Infinity Ward. The renowned close-quarters fighting from Call of Duty has been translated extremely well into the most popular battle royale game involving 150 participants.

Call of Duty

It’s not the simplest battle royale game to learn if your objective is to win because it relies heavily on skill. However, Warzone is a lot of fun if you can figure out how sophisticated weapons work, along with their attachments, perks, and dynamics. So when things go as planned in this free battle royale game for PC, it feels incredibly fulfilling.

Battle royale looting methods are frequently tedious in Warzone, which also puts more emphasis on shooting prowess and does away with backpacks in favor of loadouts. As a result, using a carefully thought-out maneuver or tactic feels amazing, and the gameplay is undoubtedly the best for a military shooter in the genre.

Download – Call of Duty: Warzone

3. Apex Legends 

The battle royale first-person game Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment borrows elements from earlier battle royale and non-battle royale games, turning them into an unexpectedly fun and original experience.

Apex Legends

Gamers can only dream of a game being announced and released on the same date. And on February 4, 2019, Apex Legends entered the gaming world exactly this way. Apex Legends quickly gained popularity with ten million gamers in the first 72 H & 25 million active players in the first week. The fact that Apex Legends focuses on various character modules or “legends” like Rainbox Six – Siege or Overwatch, with their distinctive skills and play styles, sets it apart from other best free battle royale games for PC. There are tactical, passive, and ultimate capabilities given to each character.

For instance, Lifeline’s battle medic class includes a passive power that enables her to revive teammates more quickly than other champions while shielding herself. Other novelties introduced by this good battle royale game include the exclusive ping system, the ability for one squad member to decide where the team drops in, and 3 person squads rather than the usual four.

Download – Apex Legends

4. PUBG: Battlegrounds

The battle royale subgenre gained popularity thanks to the game PUBG: Battlegrounds. However, before incorporating it into a work of his own, the concept was first developed by the game’s original developer, Brendan Greene, as mods for other top battle royale games. The game is developed using Unreal Engine 4 which is one of the best game development software.

PUBG Battlegrounds

It is intended to be a tactical, realistic experience in which you must fight and loot to survive. It’s fun, but compared to nicer, regularly updated best battle royale games for low-end PC from other studios, you might find it rudimentary. On the other hand, compared to most played battle royale games like Fortnite, it is geared toward an older audience, and one of its best features is the ability to customize your weapons.

Even though PUBG Battlegrounds isn’t the most popular battle royale game as it once was, it still has a lot of value, even though some of the janks are adorable. PUBG is now available on Xbox, PC, PlayStation, iOS, and Android for free as of January 2022.

Download – PUBG: Battlegrounds

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5. Realm Royale 

Realm Royale is a 3rd person shooter online battle royale game based on the Paladins hero-shooter game and has a separate game mode. The cartoonish aesthetic makes it appear similar to Fortnite, but the gameplay is quite different. For starters, it is set in a world where horses, poultry, and castles coexist with humans and firearms. Additionally, in contrast to Fortnite, you always compete in squads of three players versus 100 other players.

Realm Royale

Once you’ve descended from the spacecraft, you can collect armor and weapons in chests strewn about the area or in packages that drop from the sky. It is one of the best battle royale games for PC, where you can easily mount a horse, but you can only run (not sprint) away from the deadly cloud that is coming on you. Furthermore, you won’t be allowed to engage in combat or ride into structures when mounted on that horse. In Realm Royale, you choose a class from a list of five roles at the start of a match, including warrior, engineer, wizard, assassin, and hunter.

Each has a mobility ability (you can select from hundreds of others) and two weapons slots. In addition, they are all outfitted with special skills and weaponry that you must discover and gather throughout this browser battle royale game. In addition, unlike other top battle royale games, you can “disenchant” acquired weapons and use them in a forge to build new, more advanced weapons and armor.

You will, however, literally emit a smoke signal when you create that weapon, informing other players of your whereabouts. So don’t be shocked if you suddenly become a target while there. You become a chicken when you be defeated in a fight. Yes, an adorable little chicken is waving a flag and scurrying around while attempting to avoid being fatally wounded. You can effectively respawn and perhaps even cluck your route to victory if you manage to survive as a chicken in this free battle royale game for PC.

Download – Realm Royale

6. H1Z1

Another best battle royale game is H1Z1, in which up to 150 people engage in a last-person-standing death match against one another. Again, with the aim of being the final team (or individual) standing, you can play alone, with a partner, or in groups of five.


Each online battle royale game begins with you parachuting down from anywhere above the 60+ square mile area. In H1Z1, as opposed to Fortnite, you can choose where to land by looking at the type of gunbattles that are now taking place. You begin with nothing when you arrive, so you must look for a means to defend yourself.

No firearms. As an alternative, you can select Combat Zone mode to practice shooting and improve your skills. In this mode, you begin with a fully stocked weapons rack and limitless respawn options. Alternately, you could just hop in a car & weave your way past the opposing players. While playing this battle royale game for low-end PC, which doesn’t have particularly impressive visuals, you’ll hunt for or hide from other players while looking for strewn-about weapons, tools, supplies, and vehicles.

H1Z1 has a manufacturing system that enables you to produce improvised tools like body armor or bandages by disassembling found objects. As gameplay in H1Z1 progresses, be on the lookout for a toxic green gas cloud, which will damage and kill those who remain within it. So you’ll need to keep moving and fighting.

Download – H1Z1

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7. Cuisine Royale

The MMO, squad-based Enlisted creators, created Cuisine Royale as an April Fool’s Day joke. It is an “all-kitchen-warfare” online battle royale game. In each session, 30 players set out from various points on the map, beginning just in their underwear and moving toward the center of a battlefield that is continually getting smaller. Only the strongest survivors engage in decisive combat at the end of the match.

Cuisine Royale

Unlike H1Z1 or Fortnite, Cuisine Royale’s gaming setting, which simulates a huge town in the southern part of France during WWII, doesn’t dump you into it via bus or parachute. Instead, you just start acting like the scantily dressed character you’re playing, shooting, fleeing, and plundering. Talking of looting, you can locate free loot boxes in places like freezers that are filled with both appropriate and less-than-appropriate objects, such as guns. However, it is appropriate-proximate because the armor is made of kitchen items like pots, pans, and colanders.

Beware of these ridiculous-looking weapons; a single strike from a frying pan might be fatal. Additionally, you can utilize bunny slippers in this browser battle royale game that allows you to bounce, a wok as a shield, and a strainer as a helmet. Yes, you might appear ridiculous, but it doesn’t matter if you look decent in your boxers.

Download – Cuisine Royale

8. Last Man Standing 

Due to the last-man-standing-style gameplay present in all of these popular battle royale games, Last Man Standing might also be called the “Battle Royale Game.” However, from the moment you are instructed to “Fight to the Death!” in this shooter game, it is clear what its purpose is.


Additionally, unlike Realm Royale and Fortnite, its graphics tend to be more realistic when showing the results of successful shots. Finally, there are 100 other participants on the battlefield with you, and you can play either alone or in a squad of four.

In the competitive arena of this best free battle royale game for PC, you should equip yourself with weapons and equipment as soon as possible before getting ready to fight. Alternately, you can participate in the Testing Grounds mode, where you can hone your abilities while exploring the area without bothering about an electronic forcefield that is always getting smaller because you will have unlimited respawn points. Unlike Fortnite, as well as other top battle royale games, you cannot choose where you will land once the game has begun; instead, you will land at a random location on the map.

In addition, last Man Standing is a weapon-intensive game with 30 different kinds of weaponry available. And you have access to more than a hundred attachments to personalize them. The best gear is dropped during the game, as in other battle royales, but you run the risk of being discovered by other players when you rob them. When your character levels up, they can also access special reward packages that include items like taunt emotes, gun skins, apparel, and more.

Download – Last Man Standing

9. Unturned 

Not one of the best battle royale games on this list resembles Unturned in appearance. Instead, it’s a first-person, zombie-horror survival game that looks more like Minecraft gone berserk and has similarly blocky visuals.


In the video game Unturned, you play among the small number of survivors of a zombie apocalypse brought on by an unknown infection following a scientific mishap. You must struggle to avoid becoming one of the dead or one of the unturned.

Unturned offers a variety of game types, including horde, arena, and survivor. Depending on your talents, you can opt to play multiplayer or solo in the survival game mode as you spawn into the game environment wearing clothes. In the battle royale mode or multiplayer arena, you will begin naked.  You are merely a rectangle shape. Therefore, it doesn’t matter visually, but you’ll be more exposed. Changing your skin tone to green will help you blend in better.

You’ll have to look for weapons and supplies to outwit and combat the shambling yet surprisingly quick zombies. They’ll cause damage pretty quickly if they get to you, as you’ll soon notice from the blood splatters all around. You will earn experience points as you advance, which you can use to level up. You can construct objects and homes such as furniture, barricades, traps, and more, just as in Minecraft and some of the top battle royale games on our list. And to survive the night, whether you’re playing when dusk falls in the gaming environment, board up any existing building’s windows.

You can use the dispersed vehicles to escape zombies and run them over, but be careful not to run out of fuel. You’ll also need to keep up your health by drinking and eating, and also don’t forget to monitor your radiation levels because some zombies will cause radioactive damage to you.

Download – Unturned

10. The Darwin Project 

The Darwin Project is a cooperative 3rd person survival battle royale game set in the snow-covered Canadian Rockies in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world. Darwin Project offers a hunt in which you are placed into an arena with nine other players, unlike any of the other games described.

The Darwin Project

If you want to survive the assault of other gamers and the weather (it’s chilly in the north Canadian Rockies), you’ll need to make weapons and clothing like cloaks and build fires. In addition, you have the ability to teleport, disguise yourself, set traps, and locate other players using their footsteps and other cues. On the map, you can see which other individuals are engaged in combat, but not exactly where they are.

The Show Director in the game directs the progress of each game’s 10-player match, much like the Gamemaker in The Hunger Games. For instance, they will broadcast kills and zone closures. In addition, even observing players can cast votes for potential targets. Therefore, in addition to being a cast member of this bizarre reality program, you are also at the Director’s and the voting public’s mercy.

Download – The Darwin Project 


The best battle royale games have a certain allure. The pressure and thrill increase as the player base is reduced, and you are still alive. There is always that “just one more game” sensation, whether you win or lose. Many online battle royale games are completely free, yet they earn money through little in-game purchases. Therefore, take care not to become too hooked, or you may end up wasting more money than you intended.

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