Antimalware Service Executable High CPU on Windows 10 - FIXED

Antimalware Service Executable High CPU on Windows 10 – FIXED

What is an Antimalware Service Executable?

Antimalware Service Executable is a process that causes your CPU usage to be high. The process is also known as MsMpEng.exe, which is linked with the Windows Defender Program, as Windows Defender uses Antimalware Service Executable to process its function.

There are two most typical causes of high CPU consumption:

1. The legitimate component, which continually scans files, connections, and other associated apps, as it is designed to do.

2. The other reason is the Full Scan function, which can sometimes scan entire folders when the computer restarts, connects to a network or is slated to start regularly. Because Defender Intercepts the CPU, your system may experience frequently delayed entry, lags, and freezing from your input with the pc while it is performing a full scan.

If Antimalware Service Executable deals with a high CPU on your Windows 10, you need not be concerned as we have solutions for that. Let us walk through the article to know how it is going to be a savage for your Windows.

What makes Antimalware Service Executable( MsMpEng) utilize a lot of CPU?

MsMpEng.exe executes the Windows Antimalware Service Executable, allowing Windows Defender to continually scan your computer for various dangers.

The Antimalware Service Executable guarantees that Windows Defender delivers real-time protection against malware, and, viruses, cyberattacks while it is running. It is inextricably linked to Windows Defender’s possible strategy against viruses and cyberattacks.

As a result, users may get serious issues regarding CPU high power consumption. Now in this scenario, users seek the best defending alternatives. So, let the issues be resolved just in a few easy solutions.

How to Resolve MsMpEng.exe’s High CPU Usage on Windows 10

It is an arduous thing to tackle when your system lags and your folders or files corrupt very often. They take time to open and your system freezes now and then. If you are experiencing the same, here is the good news, you can fix these issues of your system in just a few easygoing steps:

Solution 1: Customize the scheduling option of your Windows Defender:

Whenever your Windows Defender keeps scanning your PC, your memory takes a very high consumption by Antimalware Service Executable.

By changing the scanning hours, you can stay away from this issue with your device. Try to keep the timings when you are not using your system, yet the load on your PC would be very less. To set this you need to follow the below steps:

  • Click to start button.
  • Search Task Scheduler.
    Open Task Scheduler Using Search Menu
  • On the left navigation double click on Task Schedule Library
    On The Left Navigation Double Click On Task Schedule Library
  • Click on Microsoft/ Windows/ Windows Defender
  • In the folder of Windows Defender, double click on Windows Defender Scheduled Scan.
    Double Click On Windows Defender Scheduled Scan
  • Uncheck all boxes and tap on the Conditions option and finally, click on Ok.
    Uncheck All Boxes And Tap On The Conditions Option

This will reset your scheduled time of scanning.

How to fix a particular time:

  • Click on Windows Defender Scheduled Scan
  • Tap on the Triggered option
  • Click on New
    Click On New
  • Create a new Scan Time.
    Create A New Scan Time
  • And, this is done.

Solution 2: Check for real-time protection:

  • Click on the Start button.
  • Go to Setting.
  • Tap on Update & Security.
  • Go to Windows Security.
  • Select Virus and Threat Protection
    Select Virus And Threat Protection
  • Choose Manage Settings.
    Choose Manage Settings
  • Disable the Real-time Protection.
    Disable the Real Time Protection

Solution 3: Add Antimalware Service Executable to the exclusion list of Windows Defender:

  • Press Windows key with I together to open the settings.
  • Tap on Update & Security
  • Click on the option given below: Virus & threat protection
  • Now select, Manage Setting option
  • In the Exclusions section, tap on Add or remove exclusions.
  • Choose to Add an exclusion and tap on Process
  • In the section Process name, type Antimalware Executable, click on Add

As the Antimalware service Executable was added, the issue has been fixed.

Facing the issue even after all solutions?

If your issue of antimalware service executable high disk usage has not been fixed even yet, We recommend you update all drivers of your PC. The latest drivers help keep your pc secure and fast. To update your Drivers follow the below steps:

If you want to update your Drivers, there are manual and automatic ways to update your Drivers that you can go with.

Update your Drivers Automatically:

It is just a click away to update your Driver with the help of Bit Driver Updater. this website saves your efforts while brawling with Drivers update. You just have to follow the steps to go with it:

  • Download or go to the website of Bit Driver Updater,
  • Click on Scan Now
  • See if there is any driver to update and click on the Update
  • You can install the updated Driver now
  • Restart your PC.

Now as you have got it is a very simple process. You can easily fix the issue of the antimalware service executable.

download button windows

Update your Driver manually:

You can manually update your device drivers by visiting the official website and looking for the latest proper driver for the specific device. You can fix your Windows Antimalware Service Executable by this way either.

The thing you should know is that only install drivers that are functional with your specific Windows system variant. You can also update your Driver manually by going to the device manager of your system. Your Windows might detect the updates automatically or you can do that in just a few easy steps.


Windows defender works towards the efficiency of your PC and the Antimalware Service Executable services work under this pre-installed tool in your PC. The tool assures the security of your computer and to keep it safe, it runs the Antimalware service executable that sock up a lot of memory of the system. Along with that it also keeps your CPU high. We have tried to include every possible method to resolve this issue so that you can get a better experience of using your system. Leave your query in the comment section if you still feel stuck with any of the solutions.


What is Antimalware Service Executable & Fix its High CPU Usage Issue on Windows 10?

Antimalware Services Executable runs to scan the malware and spyware of your system when you work on it. It helps your PC to find those errors. This antimalware service executable works under the Windows Defender of your System, and that is an in-built tool or service of your Windows 10.

Nevertheless, when you find your system lagging and notice that the msmpeng.exe antimalware service executable is consuming a high CPU it becomes another problem for you to fight with.

To fix the High CPU Usage Issue of Antimalware Services Executable, you have many solutions, i.e., you can change the scanning time of your PC or update your drivers, or you even check for the real-time protection method.

By going through all of the above solutions you can resolve the high CPU consumption of your PC by Antimalware Services Executable.

How do I disable antimalware service executable from disk?

Though you are not supposed to stop the system functionary that is keeping your system safe, still because of the high CPU consumption, if you want to disable this service, the steps mentioned below might guide you better:

  • Go to Start
  • Setting
  • Update & Security
  • Windows Security
  • Virus & threat protection
  • Click on Manage Settings
  • Turn off the Real-time protection.

Can I end the antimalware service executable?

If you have any other antimalware on your PC, you can disable this in-built service. If not, you might risk your system.

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