How To Check Your Phone Performance

How To Check Your Phone Performance?

You see hundreds of new devices enter the market every year. The manufacturers of these devices declare outlandish claims during the launch of their products. When it comes to smartphones, you may get confused about how to check your phone performance and rectify the comments made by the manufacturers. Well, some phone benchmarks allow you to do this and try parameters, such as CPU performance, GPU performance, space, speeds, and the other details of your device.

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Though phone benchmarking applications can work on slightly different parameters when scrutinizing device performances, the industry’s rating system to check phone performance is more or less the same. Therefore, the more score you get in your phone benchmark, the better your phone performance is. If you know how to check your phone performance, you can make a better buying decision and buy a better product. With this said, let us look at the best Android benchmark applications that help you check phone performance.

1. Antutu – Check Phone Performance

Due to its unique feature set, Antutu is, without a doubt, the most well-known brand in the Android phone benchmark market. You can check your phone performance with an entire test that includes every test on the platform, or you can choose to conduct a tailored test according to the application. Additionally, you receive tailored tests for IO(Storage), CPU, RAM, and User Experience. Scores for single-core and multi-core performance are displayed differently in the in-depth CPU performance index.

The Antutu benchmark’s overall score is not particularly significant on its own; instead, it allows you to compare your smartphone to other devices by looking at their scores. In layman’s words, a phone with a score of 20,000 is double times as fast as one with a score of 10,000. Additionally, you have the choice to view your rating on the Antutu scoreboard and compare your smartphone to others. The phone benchmark app is currently available for Apple products, Ubuntu, Windows, and Android devices.

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2. Passmark – Benchmark Tool

If you are searching for how to check phone performance easily, Passmark might be the right choice for you. It is a simple and lightweight benchmarking tool that houses various performance tests under one roof. The PassMark application presently allows you to benchmark Windows, Linux, macOS, and obviously Android. Additionally, you may evaluate your phone’s performance using the CPU, Disk, Memory, 2D tests, and 3D tests included in the benchmark tool.

You thoroughly study your device’s graphical capabilities because 2D and 3D graphics are tested separately. In addition, the memory and disk tests are excellent methods to scrutinize your device’s overall application startup times and snappiness.

PassMark offers the flexibility to test multiple CPUs and provides single-core and multi-core device performance reports. In addition, you run a phone benchmark test against several others using their online database by comparing key characteristics like reading & writing speeds and graphic capability. Moreover, the application also thoroughly describes your device’s specifications, negating the need for extra programs like CPU-Z.

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3. Androbench – Test Phone Performance

The PC industry is well-versed in various storage alternatives, including PCIe SSDs, Hard Disks, NVMe SSDs, and others. Sequential read and write rates and the overall user experience offered by these storage solutions vary greatly. Storage is a vital aspect of how to test your phone performance question. However, relatively few people know that cell phones have various storage capacities.

Smartphone manufacturers frequently tend to conceal storage requirements when promoting their low-end smartphones, such as the UFS (Universal Flash Storage) renditions. However, your tech-savvy customers should always check the storage capacities of your devices, and Androbench is the ideal tool for doing so.

Additionally, consumers can choose between the Micro and SQLite tests. The Micro test puts your device through various scenarios to benchmark mobile tests and overall speed validation.

4. Geekbench 5 –  Phone Benchmarking

A prominent industry standard for evaluating the CPU performance of Android handsets is Geekbench 5. Multi-core CPUs are standard on modern smartphones to distribute workload among several applications. With this small program, you may check your phone performance in a detailed way.

To understand how to test your phone performance thoroughly, you can use Geekbench 5, which works with both demanding and low-intensity activities on your CPU during the phone benchmarking process.

With the help of tools like OpenCL, Metal APIs, and CUDA, the Compute Benchmark from Geekbench 5 enables you to learn how to benchmark Android phones and determine the graphic capabilities of your system. Additionally, using their cross-platform comparison tool, you may compare your gadgets with PCs, iPads, and other devices.

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5. Disk Speed – Effective Phone Benchmark Tool

Another way to check your phone performance with a tonne of capabilities is Disk Speed. This program allows you to benchmark your internal, external, and secondary storage (hard drives or USB devices attached to the computer) or a specific place. In addition, Disk Speed automatically detects the internal and external storage on your phone, saving you the trouble of choosing storage by hand.

The compact and effective phone benchmark test app is the ideal choice, particularly if you have limited storage space, for example, 1.5MB. Additionally, the application has a storage slider that enables you to control the test’s load. Ensure to choose a respectable amount of storage, at least 20% storage in the test location, because results may be inaccurate with less storage.

6. PCMark – Check Phone Performance

PCMark might be the right choice if you’re looking for how to test your phone performance apart from the usual approaches. Unlike other benchmarks that use unrealistic workloads that use custom algorithms, PCMark ensures that the workload works with real-world applications and APIs.

Additionally, the application views the storage, CPU, and GPU combination as a system rather than as individual components. As a result, most PCMark tests check phone performance throughout their systems rather than these distinct components. The trendy Work 2.0 and Work 1.0 benchmarking line-up has evolved into the Work 3.0 test on PCMark. Work 3.0 tests your phone performance in real-world settings for online browsing, video editing, writing, data manipulation, and photo editing. The results provide you with accurate information about your phone.

With PCMark’s hardware monitoring feature, you can see how your system performs under various workloads. The hardware monitoring feature is also useful for determining the degree of hardware optimization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can I check my smartphone performance?

Ans. You can use the above-given android benchmark apps to check your smartphone’s performance.

Q.2 How do I check the processor speed on my phone?

Ans. You can download DevCheck or other similar apps to learn about your phone’s processor speed. First, launch the app, and click on the ‘hardware’ button. You will then see the model number, the brand, and more. Next, click on the dashboard, and below the ‘CPU status,’ you will be able to see the current speed of your phone’s processor.

Q.3 How do you check if your phone is working well?

And. You can learn about the overall performance of your phone by installing any of the best Android benchmark apps. You can run benchmark mobile tests for your satisfaction with the phone’s performance.

Q.4 How do I check my phone’s health?

Ans. If you wish to access testing menus on your Android, you can use some hidden codes. One of these menus can provide you with information regarding your phone, along with the battery’s health. Simply dial *#*#4636#*#*.

Conclusion – Check Phone Performance

Learning how to test phone performance is vital for understanding your device better. The phone benchmark we discussed will enable you to comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of your driver and compare it against other competitors. Depending upon what element you want to analyze, for instance, storage or graphics, you can choose an appropriate benchmark application. However, to gain accurate results, ensure you close all the background running apps before you conduct tests with these benchmarks.

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